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Chapter 2

Chapter 1 is titled "Wrong Number".


Keiichi is first seen smoking a cigarette one night in the men's dormitory, having been forced by his seniors to sit by the phone and handle their calls. He comments that Tamiya should get an answering machine instead of using him to take messages. While trying to order dinner, he accidentally dials the wrong number, and the phone connects him to the Goddess Help Line. He remains confused by the strange response on the other end, but his shock only intensifies when the Goddess Belldandy emerges from the mirror behind him. After introducing herself as a Goddess, she hands him a business card with her information, further surprising Keiichi. Belldandy than offers him a single wish and explains that it can be whatever he desires, whether he wishes to be rich beyond measure, or even the destruction of the world, although she hastily adds that they prefer not to do business with clients that would have such dark ambitions.

Naturally, he remains skeptic of her presence, and wonders whether he is dreaming, or if his Motor Club affiliates sent her as a joke, knowing that he has no luck with dating. As if reading his mind, Belldandy dismisses his worries on the grounds that a Goddess cannot lie, while expressing surprise that he has trouble dealing with women. Keiichi tells her to stand up and compares their heights, cynically commenting that he is too short, but she remains uncertain of why his stature could possibly deprive him of luck with women. Interested by her sincerity, he makes a wish that "A Goddess like you remain by my side forever" as a sort of joke. Despite his belief that such a wish would be crazy, a burst of magic fills the surrounding area, and the wish is granted.

Belldandy uses the phone to dial the Almighty One for answers, but discovers that the wish has already been transferred into Yggdrasil's Systems, and cannot be recalled. Keiichi wonder what happened, and she explains that her power is largely to channel wishes to Yggdrasil, the same way a television receives signals from another source. She then smiles and declares that from this point forward, she will remain by his side.

Keiichi becomes concerned because his dormitory is only for men, but Belldandy cheerfully replies that because she is a Goddess, not an ordinary woman. Afraid of being kicked out of his home, he tells her to leave for a while, only to be pushed back towards her by the wish-granting System Force, which prevents them from being separated. They are then interrupted by the arrival of Tamiya, Otaki, and several of the dorm's male residents, who kick him the pair out for violating the no-girls rule of the building. Keiichi prepares to leave on his motorcycle when he remembers that the sidecar was never repaired, but discovers that Otaki repaired it in his free time. Belldandy climbs in and the two drive off, noting that the System Force must've played a role in ensuring their safe travel.

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  • The first appearance of Keiichi and Belldandy occurs, along with the wish that binds them together.
  • Motor Club co-directors Tamiya and Otaki make their first appearance.

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