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Chapter 10 is titled "Naked Victory".


Their first day back at Nekomi Tech, Keiichi and Belldandy attend the "Freshman Welcome Event" where clubs try to recruit new members. She asks him what group he is a part of, although Keiichi is reluctant to say, knowing that his Auto Club has a bad reputation on campus. Otaki and Tamiya appear, revealng the truth that they wanted to attract new members by holding an exhibition race, but they don't have the money to afford a working vehicle. Keiichi becomes exasperated knowing they want donations, noting that he never would have joined last year if he knew they were members. He prepares to surrender a small amount, but the duo holds him down and confiscates his wallet, taking his monthly budget as their club funds. Otaki tries to remedy the situation by telling Keiichi about an easy part-time job, sending him the art room to accept the position. As the couple head to their destination, Keiichi assumes Belldandy did not intervene because she knew this would happen, although it turns out she was equally taken by surprise

Keiichi walks into the art room and introduces himself to several beautiful girls, wondering if what had happened was really a blessing in disguise, only to run into Sayoko Mishima. Although he assumes the worst like last time, the "Campus Queen" allows Belldandy to stay and watch, revealing that the job requires Keiichi to model nude for the female art students. He outright refuses at first, but Sayoko reminds him that he needs money, her knowledge of his predicament arousing suspicions from the couple. It is then revealed that Sayoko plotted this scheme with Tamiya and Otaki, telling them to take his money so she could force Keiichi into this desperate position.

He proudly claims that as a man, he can't go back on his word, but shyly hides behind a statue moments later. Sayoko calls him a sore loser and has the other girls forcibly remove his clothing, although Keiichi seems to enjoy the attention. Belldandy becomes jealous and uses her magic to create a field of static around his body, prompting him to change in the other room. Keiichi is glad to see Belldandy is no different than ordinary girls in some way, his observation making her blush. While in private, she decides to help remedy is nerves by using a spell that will allow him to complete the job without stripping, using her powers to project an image in the air around his body of a naked male form. Although Keiichi seems unconvinced this is any better than stripping, she claims to have used the muscular figure of a nearby statue as the basis for her illusion.

As he poses for the art students, they tell him to put on underwear so that they won't be so distracted. Sayoko is fooled by the magic and remains surprised that he had the courage to pose nude, although she ponders several strange feelings she is having despite having drawn nude figures before. Belldandy uses empathy to sense her emotions, concluding that Sayoko favors him, but is unable to fully comprehend the scope of her emotions. Meanwhile, Keiichi wonders whether or not this plan is really a solution.

Sayoko suddenly remembers why she did this to begin with and rudely asks Belldandy to take her turn modeling, hoping she will humiliate herself by betting embarrassed. She also threatens not the pay them otherwise, knowing that she won't refuse the conditions. Keiichi tells Belldandy not to worry about their finances, but the Goddess agrees to do it, much to his shock. He begins to like the idea of seeing her nude, but quickly dismisses it, instead becoming worried about what will happen. He tries to watch only to discover that he cannot turn or change position. Sayoko and the others find the couple's modeling to be completely awe-inspiring, but Keiichi worries that the sketches will be put on display. The next day it is revealed that the pictures they drew had been changed into something unrelated due to interference from the System Force.

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  • Keiichi reveals that he is a member of the Auto Club, and is seemingly ashamed of it.
  • Sayoko continues her attempts to humiliate Belldandy.

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