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Chapter 11 is titled " Let's Cover This World in Flowers ".


Because she likes Belldandy's cooking, Megumi has been showing up for dinner on a nightly basis, putting a damper on her brother's mood. Despite his sister paying for the food and flattering the Goddess with compliments, Keiichi wonders if Megumi's presence will prevent anything from happening between him and Belldandy, thinking back with a glum expression as he remembers his last attempt to create sparks between them. He mutters something about wanting a kiss, but Megumi butts in wondering what he was talking about, forcing him to make up an excuse to change the subject.

Keiichi looks down at the table to see that most of the food is gone, but Belldandy agrees to prepare more and leaves the room. Once She is gone, Megumi slyly asks her brother if he's managed to kiss her yet, prompting him to say yes. She prods him further by asking where it happened, but Keiichi panics and claims it is none of her business. She deduces he is lying and prepares to go home for the night, heavily hinting that tomorrow would be an excellent time for a walk by the sea with his housemate. Belldandy is surprised that she plans to leave so soon, but Megumi leaves shortly after. She thanks the Goddess one more time before telling her that Keiichi wants to go out the next day, recommending she make a lunch for them ahead of time. That night, Keiichi stays awake nervously reviewing his self-help romance guide.

When they arrive at the beach the next day, Belldandy expresses excitement at being able to smell the ocean, making Keiichi wonder if he should've brought her there sooner. Following his book's instructions, he attempts to touch her shoulder, but ultimately panics when she turns around and asks if he would like some ice cream. Keiichi inwardly complains that the ice cram man's presence ruined his chance, but before he can purchase anything, Belldandy agrees to pay for it using the money she received from the modeling job they did together. In return she asks him to take her roller-skating, to which he happily agrees. He assume that it will be easy since he knows how to ski, but ends up falling during the session and making a fool of himself.

Later that day, Belldandy asks if he would like to take a ride on the ferry, and the two board the boat. Since the ride is relatively empty during the weekday shift, they pick a pair of seats on the top floor of the ferry. Keiichi tries to put the moves on her again, but Belldandy's presence attracts a flock of seagulls, ruining the moment. Before he can make another attempt at romance, Keiichi becomes seasick and is forced to get off the boat. As the sun is setting, Belldandy cradles his head in her lap and sings him to sleep. He wakes up at 8:30, cursing himself for losing track of time.

He realizes they lost a reservation at the nearby restaurant, but Belldandy takes out the lunch she had packed for them. She admit to having made it in a hurry, but Keiichi tells her it is still good, quietly enjoying their nighttime meal at the port. He chokes on a piece of food and slips on a soda can while stumbling around, slipping backwards off the dock and into the sea. Belldandy manages to stop his fall using her magic, and the couple embraces. As they kiss, a series of flowers start appearing around them, the phenomena puzzling Keiichi.

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  • Keiichi and Belldandy kiss on the lips for the first time.
  • Megumi begins meddling in her brother's life.

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