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Chapter 14 is titled " Sexy Sister".


While Belldandy is out shopping, Keiichi receives an odd package containing a video labeled "Sexy Sister". He assumes it is some type of porn video sent to him by Otaki and Tamiya as a joke, but decides to take a peak at the content anyway. As soon as he puts the tape in the VCR, a voluptuous, bronze-skinned woman with angular facial markings emerges from the television, shocking him as she lands on his face. The mysterious visitor surveys the mess she made, panicking when she realizes that Belldandy is coming. Knowing that the First Class Goddess will sense her presence otherwise, she grabs the video and conceals herself from view.

Belldandy wake up to Keiichi, who is still shaken up from the incident, asking him what happened. He confusedly mutters something about a person coming out of the video, but she finds nothing in the machine and decides to play back his memory for answers. Seeing the face of the intruder in Keiichi mind, Belldandy calls out for the intruder to reveal herself. The mystery woman phases through the temple floor, having know that she would figure it out sooner or later. She then introduces herself as Belldandy's older sister Urd, saying she came to Earth to repair the System Force. The younger Goddess questions who is maintaining Yggdrasil since her sister happens to be the administrator, but Urd claims she left the analysis and debugging to their youngest sister, Skuld.

Belldandy remain unsatisfied with her answer and wonders if she has other reasons for appearing in their home. Urd then explains her frustration with her and Keiichi, having become impatient at the obvious lack of progress in their relationship, noting that they haven't even kissed much while showing some images of their past interactions. She declares her desire to heat things up between them, but Belldandy becomes upset with her for spying on them and recording everything, her rare display of anger startling both Urd and Keiichi. The older Goddess claims she was only monitoring them, but her sister proclaims that as a Second Class Deity with a limited license, she doesn't have the authority or the access to monitor subjects on Earth. Belldandy demands she hand over the recording immediately and blasts her sister with magic, but Urd raised a barrier, reflecting the blast at Keiichi by accident.

While taking a bath later that night, Keiichi ponders how Urd is nothing like Belldandy, describing the older woman as a real "femme fatale". Urd then bursts into the bathroom asking if he would like her to scrub his back, but he panics and refuses, making her wonder if this is the reason why his relationship with Belldandy hasn't made any progress. As he gropes around for a towel to cover himself, she decides to teach him a thing or two about real women, and uses a verbal spell to take control of him. Urd forces him to leave the tub and approach her, but something interferes with the magic. The image of Belldandy in his mind allows him to break free, but Urd recasts her spell at full power, forcing an internal struggle within Keiichi that causes her to lose her patience and collapse the ceiling in on him.

Belldandy walks in on them and helps Keiichi out of the rubble, explaining that her sister has a tendency to be passionate about everything, resulting an ends justifies the means view on the world. Unfortunately she sometimes becomes so engrossed in forcing an issue, that she forgets what the end result was supposed to be. Keiichi becomes lost during the explanation, so Belldandy decides to tell a story about their past history in Heaven. Apparently when Belldandy has a virus years ago, her healer told them they would have to use a magical item known as "the Jade Dragon Stone of the East" in order to remedy her ailment. Urd volunteered to find it and headed straight to the palace of the Almighty One, stealing the eight-legged horse Sleipnir so that she could find the Jade Dragon faster. Keiichi claims it sounded like a good thing to do, but Belldandy explains hat Sleipnir is a temperament beast, thus it took Urd three days to tame him, and during this time, others were able to find the Jade Dragon and cure her.

Belldandy goes on to mention that Urd is a much more powerful Goddess than herself, explaining that she could have easily destroyed the city of Nekomi if she so desired, and it surprised that Keiichi was able to resist her sister's charms. He admits to having almost failed in that regard, saying that the imagine of Belldandy's angry face was what helped him through it. Belldandy asks whether she was really that scary, and leans in to kiss him, but Urd pokes her head in and interrupts, cursing her own had timing.

That night, the older Goddess slips into his room while he is eating a bag of chips, placing herself in front of them so that he gropes her breasts. Although he is horrified by the sudden intrusion, Urd tells him that if she cannot fix the System Force, Belldandy will be forced to exhaust her own power to remain on Earth, and will eventually have to return to Heaven to replenish her powers. Keiichi asks what he can do to ensure this doesn't happen, but Urd asks him for sex, claiming that by doing so she can use her own body to pass his genetic information to Heaven, thus solving the problem. Although Keiichi is shocked by her proposal, he remembers Belldandy saying something about Goddesses being unable to lie, and gives it some serious consideration.

Belldandy wakes up moments late to notice her sister is not in bed, quickly hurrying to put a stop to whatever is going on. Meanwhile, Urd gloats to herself about having placed an even stronger spell inside Keiichi during their last encounter, and is confident that he will not resist her charms this time. He is about to give into the temptation when Belldandy storms into the room. Keiichi claims Urd was only trying to restore her sister's energy, but Belldandy reveals the truth. Apparently because of Urd's tendency to lie so often, she was sentenced to remain a lower class Goddess, despite being more powerful than Belldandy. Urd claims she doesn't care about such things, and says it would've been worth it if she could have furthered the relationship between Keiichi and her sister. Belldandy attacks her for lying to Keiichi, but Urd welcome the challenge, knowing her own powers are superior.

Before they can fight, a bolt of lightning descends from the sky and renders Urd unconscious. Keiichi claims it seemed it a little harsh, but Belldandy notes that the blast was not hers, instead pointing to the strange inscription that had appeared on the floor beside her sister. After reading it, Belldandy learns that Urd was responsible for the recent system crash that disabled the system force, also finding out that she has been exiled to Earth as a punishment for her actions. Urd wakes up and claims she will be staying with them for a while, much to Keiichi's dismay.

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  • This chapter formally introduces Belldandy's older sister, Urd.
  • It is revealed that Urd is responsible for the System Force crashing in Chapter 13.
  • Urd begins her long history of trying to further Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship.
  • The youngest of Belldandy's sisters, Skuld, makes a cameo showing her from the back in Urd's flashback.

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