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Chapter 15 is titled " I'm Campus Queen".


On the day of the Nekomi Tech School Festival, the Auto Club is hosting a beauty pageant to determine the Campus Queen with Otaki as host. The contestants first up for the swimsuit contest are Sayoko Mishima, Urd, and Belldandy, although he mentions that finding out that they were unsuccessful trying to discover latter's body measurements.

The scene flashbacks to earlier that day when Urd heard about the festival and invited herself to go, but Belldandy suspects she will only cause trouble. She trusts Keiichi's judgment when he vouches for her, but remains unaware that he's only cooperating to see her in the beauty contest lineup. Urd becomes excited, but her rambunctious behavior only worries her housemates. It is then revealed that Urd signed Belldandy and herself up for the Campus Queen beauty contest.

Despite the presence of the two Goddeses, Sayoko is confident that she will be voted Campus Queen again this year, squealing when Urd suddenly feels her breasts. Otaki jokingly tells Urd not to bother trying for bonus points, but Sayoko is much less amused. She angrily asks what Urd was doing just now, but the Goddess claims to have been checking her breasts, proudly announcing that her own are larger. Sayoko angrily proclaims that there's more to the contest than breast size, vowing vengeance for the humiliation she just suffered. Urd senses her hostile emotions and proclaims she will regret trying to defy the Goddesses, much to Belldandy's dismay.

Having finished with the swimwear contest, Otaki announces that the next phase will involve the girls wearing motor club uniforms, but Sayoko protests on the grounds that they haven't even gotten to the talent portion yet. He reminds them that the Auto Club is responsible for coordinating the contest this year with Sayoko noting to herself that the entire group is insane. After dressing the contestants up in mechanic outfits, Otaki tasks the girls with fixing several broken motorcycles using instructions prepared by the Auto Club. Sayoko notices that the Goddesses appear confident and calls a time-out for a bathroom break, during which she seduces a member of the club into telling her which one is the easiest to fix, learning that bike 18 is relatively simple.

When the contestants are told to pick a number, Sayoko notice Belldandy chose 18 and begs to trade cards with her, the Goddess agreeing due to her kind nature. Urd angrily tells her sister that there must be something different about 18 if she wanted it that badly, but Belldandy remains unconcerned, pointing out that Sayoko has an unlucky star above her head. As they begin the repairs, Sayoko accidentally picks out the wrong piece and Urd struggles to even recognize the part, but Belldandy uses her magic to discover where the flow of energy is disrupted.

Otaki then announces that the bikes that were easier to repair are the slower ones, while the harder ones are much faster. He explains that the service stands at the festival each have pieces of a picture hidden inside their products, and that the contestants must travel around and collect them, piecing together the puzzle and bringing the person in the picture with them to the stage. Sayoko takes off first, followed by several other girls, but Urd is left behind. She angrily kicks her bike, accidentally getting it to start, and rides away. Keiichi notices Belldandy has yet to finish and questions her, but she claims that the part in her hand wants her to work slowly, speaking as if the bike has a mind of its own.

Sayoko does reasonably well in the competition and plans to stop for something to eat at the next checkpoint, but Urd casts a spell to keep the food from running out in order to slow her progress. Whiloe continuing her search, Urd manages to find one picture hidden under a female singer's dress in the middle of her concert, shocking the girl and thrilling her male audience. Back at the starting line, Belldandy finishes off her bike repairs, thanking Keiichi as he wishes her good luck. As the others continue their search, Belldandy gets a wild card at a stand selling masks, meaning she receive two pieces of the picture at once.

Meanwhile the girls finish assembling their pictures and realize that Keiichi is the person they need to find, racing off after him in mob form. Keiichi panics, but becomes surprisingly happy as the girls start fighting over him. The motorcycle she fixed remembers her kind touch and senses her desperation, moving extra fast and allowing her to grab Keiichi and return to the stage first. Belldandy is then declared Campus Queen, with Urd and Sayoko coming in second and third place respectively. Sayoko vows to win next year, but she decides to take what she can get for now.

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  • Belldandy officially becomes Campus Queen by beating Sayoko in the school beauty contest.
  • Objects in the series are established to have a spirit and will of their own.

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