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Chapter 17 is titled " Turkey With All the Trimmings".


Having redecorated his room like a love hotel, Keiichi demands Urd change it back to normal, but she flees before he can catch her. Belldandy asks him what she did this time, finding the changes in his bedroom to be quite nice until he explains what Urd was trying to make them do. Outraged by her sister's boldness, Belldandy forces her to come back and fix it. Urd dismisses their anger and claims to have been trying to assist them, resulting in a magic scuffle with Belldandy, who is less than thrilled by her so-called help. As the two sister begin firing off spells at each other, Keiichi distances himself from them and mutters that Christmas is bound to be unromantic this year. He finds a advertisement in the paper about a year end raffle offering a dinner and hotel for two people as the prize, only to be zapped by a blast of magic from the Goddess duel going on behind him. Belldandy apologizes for hitting him, but he only moans in response to the pain.

Later that day, Keiichi and Belldandy head off to the raffle with a handful of tickets, having collected them from friends earlier. Since they have fifty tickets and each spin of the prize wheel costs five, he concludes that they have ten chances. The clerk counts the money and allows him to go for it, but he falls into despair after nine straight losses and prepares to give up, but Belldandy prays for their success and offers to take a turn. She manages to win the prize, but Keiichi places a hand over her mouth, not wanting her sister to find out. As Keiichi tells her what time they have to be at the restaurant, Urd is shown hanging from the ceiling behind them. The dark-skinned Goddess grins and claims she will help things along, describing herself as "Santa's little helper".

While lying in bed Keiichi imagines what their hotel stay will be like after dinner, but upon rereading the prize voucher, discovers that the dinner date is to be formal attire. Realizing he doesn't own anything appropriate, he jumps on his motorcycle and rushes to ask his Auto Club friends for a favor. The agree to let him borrow anything he wants, Otaki recommending his leather jacket while Tamiya offers his chaps. This causes an argument between them over who has better taste in clothing, but Keiichi leaves realizing he shouldn't have asked a group of idiots like them for help.

While walking around the NIT Campus, Sayoko greets him and asks how he is doing. While Keiichi is hardly happy to see her, she claims to have heard about his free dinner date with Belldandy, which surprises him greatly. He asks her where she heard this, only to learn that the Auto Club members had basically told everyone on campus. Sayoko offers to let him borrow her father's tux if he takes her to dinner instead, but Keiichi drives away without so much as a backwards glance. After he leaves, Sayoko schemes up another way to take advantage of this new development.

That night, Keiichi and Belldandy arrive at the Hotel Koenig for their free dinner and stay. She compliments him on the suit he borrowed from one of the Auto Club Freshman, but Keiichi is less than thrilled about wearing it. While toasting glasses of wine in the grand dining hall, Keiichi sees Urd sitting at the table behind them, the older Goddess having forged a voucher and conjured a false date for decoration. Belldandy notices his discomfort and voices her concern, but he denies anything wrong. He then catches sight of Sayoko sitting at the adjacent table and panics, knowing that things will only get worse.

Sayoko requests to join them for dinner, but Urd brings her turkey dinner to life and forces the roasted bird to attack her. Belldandy senses the life force magic and admonishes her sister for her lack of thought, but Urd claims she was only trying to get rid of a certain troublemaker. Belldandy responds by bringing to life her own turkey in an attempt to stop Urd's, but Sayoko tries to dismiss it as a puppet trick. She passes a knife over the dueling dinners in an attempt to cut the strings, but find none and becomes frightened. Urd boldly declares that no one can defeat her in the use of life force magic, but Belldandy simply tells her to grow up. The fight escalates to the point where both turkeys have transformed into giant food monsters, prompting Keiichi to take Belldandy and leave.

Later that evening she apologize for how things turned out, but Keiichi shrugs it off, claiming that he feels more comfortable outside of that high-class hotel. They decide to go home and have a home-cooked meal, meeting Urd at the door. Belldandy asks if she fixed things back at the hotel, to which her sister affirms. Meanwhile, Sayoko and the waiter are seen traumatized by what happened, her trying to rationalize what they saw as a magic trick, while he claims it was magic.

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  • Sayoko sees the Goddesses use their powers up close for the first time.

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