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Chapter 18 is titled " Life's Just a Game of Sugoroku Roulette".


With New Years approaching, Keiichi decides that his new year's resolution will be to get closer to Belldandy. As he is writing this down on a piece of paper, she appears behind him and asks to see what he's doing, startling him. Urd and Belldandy prepare food for the feast and don their traditional kimonos, prompting him to compliment them on their appearances. The older Goddess than asks what it is Keiichi wrote on the paper in his hand, but he tells her to go away, instead focusing on the wonderful meal that Belldandy had taken all day to prepare. As he comments on the impeccable quality and flavor of her cuisine, Urd uses magic to dissolve the matter comprising Keiichi's paper, before reforming in her hand. Keiichi does not seem to notice and instead comments on the dinner Urd prepared, noting that it looks disgusting, and resolving not to eat any.

The group is then interrupted by the arrival of his sister Megumi, who brought them some New Years Rice Cakes to share. While Keiichi hardly seems thrilled to see her, she claims to have brought others for the celebration, revealing Sayoko, Otaki, Tamiya, and Satoko. While Keiichi asks Otaki about how his relationship is going, Sayoko claims she's going to be bored celebrating with them, while Tamiya expresses surprise that Megumi is Keiichi's younger sister. Belldandy offers her guests some food, but Urd calls the group to attention, asking if they would like to play a board game called "Life Suguroku Special". Although some of the others don't seem thrilled by the idea, Urd explains that everything written in the space you land on happens in real life, but Sayoko dismisses it as a hoax. Keiichi expresses curiosity as to what the spaces say, only to notice that the end space is inscribed with the phrase "The person you choose must make your wish come true!" The others agree to play when they see this, becoming excited over the possibilities.

Belldandy takes her turn only to land on a space saying that someone will soon call her mama. No one believes it at first, but suddenly a little girl named Risa from next door appears in the room and addresses her as "Mama Belldandy", surprising the other players, although she replied that the child always refers to her that way. Sayoko refuses to believe a board game can tell the future, becoming angry when her predication says she will dance around while removing her clothes. Urd mischievously remarks that the prophecies if this game always come true as a spider crawls onto Sayoko, causing her to jump up and take off layers of clothing to get rid of it. As the game continues, Keiichi finds himself sweeping snow out of the year with only a T-shirt and pants due to Tamiya and Otaki forcing him to obey the fortune, the former calling him a wimp for his lack of a muscular physique.

At this point Belldandy questions whether Urd is interfering with the results, but she denies it, despite having placed a Laplacian Demon's Stone in the spinner that senses the movement and position at any given time, allowing her to control it.

Satoko then receives a prediction that she will walk around town with a companion. When Otaki wonders how it will force him to follow through, a dog appears in her arms, prompting him to run due to his fear of dogs with Satoko chasing after them. Belldandy look over at Risa and asks whether she brought her dog with her, to which the little girl concurs. Megumi tries her turn, but receive a "lose a turn" notice, much to her dismay. Otaki claims he will get a better result, but is forced to move his piece back to the starting space. Urd then takes her turn and receives the option to send another player back to the start, picking Keiichi as her unfortunate victim. He prepares to roll again only to receive the same result as last time, forcing him to go outside and sweep the snow away in the freezing cold once more.

Belldandy notices that she and Urd are doing better than the others, and investigates the cause, finding a Laplacian Demon inside the stone in the spinner. She calls it out and manages to convince it to help her. After reaching the goal, she runs outside and wraps her arms around Keiichi, who despite his protests, was beginning to freeze. After sharing her body heat through their embrace, she notices his lips are blue and kisses them in an attempt to "warm" them, providing a beautiful start to fulfilling his New Year's resolution.

Back inside Sayoko complains that Belldandy took the only prize she had wanted. Urd welcomes back Otaki and Satoko, telling them the game ended while they were gone. He begins to wonder if the dog probably chased him all around town, while Satoko comments that she needed to take a taxi to catch up with him.

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  • Tamiya was unaware that Megumi was Keiichi's sister until the party.

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