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Chapter 19 is titled "I Want to Take the Exam".


With the semester coming to an end, the students of the Nekomi Institute of Technology find themselves taking their final exams. Belldandy notices Keiichi is tired from spending the last few days and questions his well being, but he claims to be fine, despite dreading his last test with Professor Ozawa. Keiichi resolves to work hard studying, knowing that the teacher is known for failing students who score under 80. The couple then runs into the Auto Club members who have finished their exams all ready, but Keiichi tells them he still has one left to take, and leaves them to their partying. Keiichi notices they didn't chase him and is relieved, but Belldandy senses an unlucky star above them, dreading what is to come. Meanwhile, Otaki and Tamiya feel bad that Keiichi still has an exam to take, and decide to bring the party to him.

That afternoon, the entire Auto Club arrives at the temple with armfuls of liquor, starting a wild party without anyone's consent. Urd tries to get them to play another round of "Life Sugoruku Special", but Keiichi stops her, telling her to put it back in the closet until next year. As he is trying to concentrate on his studies and ignore his friends' antics, a drunk Otaki approaches him and forcibly dresses him up like a girl, much to his horror. Now decked out in a dress and wig, Keiichi stumbles over to Belldandy for help, to which she agrees after calling him cute. While Tamiya and Otaki go searching for him, Keiichi hides with Belldandy.

Realizing that the Auto Club guys still refuse to give up, Belldandy begins to brew a potion using her cauldron, only to summon a bird monster by accident. She forces the creature back into the pot and apologizes, guessing she added a bad mix of ingredients. After a second attempt, she manages to create a physical replica of Keiichi, making him wonder whether or not he looks as dumb as his duplicate. Keiichi happily declares that the copy can take the exam for him, but Belldandy claims that it is much to unintelligent for something like that, also saying that tests are important to test a person's knowledge and ability. She then suggests they give the replica to the others to play with while he studies.

They are then interrupted by the intrusion of Urd and the Auto Club directors, who see that there are two of Keiichi, but are too drunk to realize how illogical it is. Urd then claims she will take the real Keiichi for herself, while the Auto Club grabs the duplicate. Belldandy tries to stop them, but she passes out on the ground from exhaustion, having used up too much of her energy while making the copy. While Tamiya and Otaki dress the duplicate up in a girl's school uniform and make-up, Urd tries to forcibly remove the real Keiichi's clothing, much to his horror. During the chaos, everybody passes out from the excess of alcohol.

The next morning, Urd wakes up to notice that the Keiichi clone is muttering about taking the final, so she enchants a broomstick and sends it flying o the NIT Campus before going back to sleep. The duplicate Keiichi makes a crash landing only to be found by Sayoko, who sees him dressed in girls clothing and guesses that his Auto Club buddies were hazing him again. She remembers that he was taking the same final exam as her, and leads the fake to the classroom.

Meanwhile, the real Keiichi wakes up and remembers he was supposed to be there already, grabbing Belldandy and speeding to the campus on his motorcycle as fast as possible. He guesses that Professor Ozawa won't permit latecomers into the exam hall, but finds out they have bigger problems when he notices the clone is already there. Realizing that they need to be switched somehow, Belldandy dresses up the real Keiichi in the same outfit and wig and uses a spell to increase his speed. While moving too fast for the human eye to see, he pulls out one of the duplicate's hairs and destroys the clone, taking its place in the exam hall. The teacher wonders why he is wearing that outfit while Belldandy praises him, claiming that his efforts will be rewarded. Keiichi notices that the copy marked "My Exam" as every answer and quickly erases them before filling in his own answers. Although he manages to pass the class, the disaster earns him a reputation as a crossdresser.

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  • Keiichi obtains a female costume that he uses later on in the series.

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