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Chapter 20 is titled " Belldandy's Narrow Escape".


With the beginning of the new semester, the various clubs at the Nekomi Institute of Technology begin holding events to attract new members. Despite her best attempts, Sayoko fails to gain much attention for the Art Club due to the Auto Club's usual antics stealing all of the popularity. Urd and Belldandy wearing flashy outfits while performing on stage for the Auto Club, their efforts grabbing the focus of a large number of male students.

During the exhibition, Sayoko's cousin Toshiyuki Aoshima passes by, clearly pleased by the beautiful display. He asks whether or not joining the Auto Club will grant him the privilege of dating Belldandy, but Toraichi Tamiya interrupts the conversation before she can answer, boldly proclaiming that anyone who joins will have that chance. Keiichi panics and tries to tell everyone that he is lying, but is stopped by Tamiya. While the students begin registering for the club, Aoshima approaches Belldandy and introduces himself, offering her a bouquet of flowers, yet despite his gentlemanly demeanor, his intentions for courting woman is less than noble. Keiichi tries to stop him, but Aoshima anticipates his next move and claims that Keiichi is lucky to have such a beautiful girl, flattering him with some smooth talking, and asking if he could teach him more about the club sometime. Later on, Aoshima interrupts the couple's lunch, stealing a bite of food that was meant for Keiichi, and complimenting Belldandy's cooking skills. Afterwards she invites him to join them for lunch the next day, although he slyly refuses, only agreeing when she insists on it.

The next day at the Auto Club's hangout, Keiichi and Belldandy expect to see several new members due to the Freshman they recruited the previous day, but discover that they had all quit. When he questions what happened, Tamiya claims that someone told them that Belldandy and Urd were already taken by Keiichi, which killed their motivation for joining. Otaki assures Keiichi that they'll be just fine in any case, although he sees unconvinced. Belldandy laments that the lunch she made for Aoshima will go to waste, but Tamiya gobbles it down to prove otherwise, Otaki getting upset that he's not sharing. Aoshima walks into the room and apologizes for being late, asking Belldandy if she brought his lunch as promised. She points the her left as Tamiya and Otaki polish it off, claiming he just missed it. Tamiya welcomes Aoshima with a bone-crushing hug, horrifying Keiichi as he remembers receiving the same treatment during his initiation. A girl walks in behind him, but Keiichi warns her to run while she can. Although ten more people actually show up, more half of them leave after receiving Tamiya's welcome, leaving only five new members.

As Keiichi laments the low turnout or members, Aoshima calls out to him while driving a Ferrari 288 GTO. After complimenting Keiichi as the best driver in the Auto Club, he allows him to drive it. While the couple goes for a quick test ride, Belldandy senses a dark shadow coming from their new friend, wondering what exactly it is. Meanwhile, Aoshima has a pair of mechanics tamper with Keiichi's motorcycle. When Keiichi finds out that his bike won't start, Aoshima offers to take Belldandy home in his car. Although she refuses to leave him alone, Keiichi tells her he doesn't know how long the repair will take, and recommends she heads home to make dinner. She then decides to make something extra special for him back at the temple and leaves.

While working to find the problem with his motorcycle, Sayoko approaches Keiichi and tells him that his gas tank is empty, which he confirms moments later. She goes on to explain that Aoshima is her cousin, describing him as a real player who will do anything to get a girl once he sets his mind to it. She then reveals that he was the one who spread bad rumors about the Auto Club, and claims he probably took Belldandy for a ride along the seashore in the sunset to win Belldandy's approval. Keiichi rushes off to stop them, borrowing Tamiya's GSX to catch up to them. Sayoko watches him go with a smile, claiming that she's too proud to catch someone on the rebound, while vowing to steal Keiichi away the next time.

Aoshima then pulls over at a motel, saying he has a stop to make. She figures out that it is a love hotel, but he draws the conclusion that she's familiar with them, and tries to ravage her. Belldandy backs away, claiming that no woman can ever really love a man acting in such a manner, but he dismisses her as a tease and tries again. Belldandy responds by sending him flying through the roof before flying out of the motel. Keiichi arrives in time to watch the spectacle before commenting that she can be scary when angered. He finds her sleeping after using up too much energy, mentioning that while slumbering, she looks just like a Goddess should. As he takes her home, Aoshima is seen wondering what happened.

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  • Another semester has begun in the manga.
  • This chapter introduces Toshiyuki Aoshima, Sayoko's playboy cousin.

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