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Chapter 21 is titled " The Secret's Out".


Another day at the college, Keiichi shows up on campus alongside Belldandy and Urd, both of whom receive a warm welcome from the male students, while they express disappointment at his presence. While watching the crowd from a distance, Toshiyuki Aoshima wonders how Belldandy managed to escape him at the love hotel, his thoughts returning to the day's events with uncertainty. He questions whether she is some type of magician or a psychic, only to be joined by his cousin Sayoko, who questions if he would like to find out with an amused smirk. She goes on to explain his obsession with Belldandy as a part of his personality, pointing out that Aoshima has a tendency to learn everything about whatever catches his attention no matter what it is. Although he mistakes her comment as criticism, she claims to have the same curiosities about Belldandy, offering her help.

Later that afternoon, Belldandy senses a bad omen, but Keiichi tells her they have to head out, to which she complies. As they prepare to leave, Sayoko and Aoshima are seen spying on the couple for a distance, hoping to see something to prove their suspicions. She concludes that if they continue following Keiichi around, something is bound to happen. Aoshima raises his video camera in an attempt to record the day's events, but Urd seemingly appears out of nowhere, sticking her finger into the lens, and demanding to know what they're doing. The duo tries to flee, but Urd continues to follow them, random popping out of trashcans and dangling from buildings in an attempt to foil their plot. Sayoko on how strange it is that Urd appears everywhere they are, but Aoshima claims it to be an understatement. She then comes up with the idea of having the parapsychology research group analyze the footage they have, but he tells her the tape is missing, much to her outrage. Meanwhile back at the temple, Urd reveals that she stole the tape and warns Keiichi that Sayoko and Aoshima are up to no good again, much to his annoyance. The elder Goddess destroys the tape, claiming that were it her business she would have some fun with them, amusedly guessing that the enemy could be close by.

At this time, Sayoko concludes that whenever Belldandy is confronted by a crisis, strange things happen around her. Aoshima agrees with her observations based on what happened to him before asking why his cousin dresses so elegantly while spying on people, to which she explains her father get angry if she doesn't look her best while in public. Aoshima comments that he never forgets a woman's scent and follows it straight to Belldandy, but becomes stricken with her beauty while staring through the shower window. Sayoko takes the camera from him and decides to handle it herself, but is spotted shortly afterwards. Belldandy questions whether she is a peeping tom, but Sayoko surpising affirms this statement, telling her that her cousin made her do it in the hopes of making the Goddess use her powers. Belldandy then remember Keiichi telling her to scream and splash water if she encounters a stalker, so she responds by using a water spell to wash away the intruders. Her piercing screams are heard from miles around, causing the most suffering for her housemates. Urd angrily tells her to use some common sense next time, although Keiichi glumly mentions that she is the last person who should talk about such things.

The next day, Sayoko and Aoshima remark that their ears are still ringing, both clearly upset that the water ruined their camera and tape. She then decides to go the last route and use Keiichi as bait. Belldandy panics when Keiichi disappears and goes looking for him, asking everyone she can find if they saw where he went. Meanwhile, the two cousins are revealed to have dragged him to the old gymnasium to meet Yoshino and Nakano, the president and vice-president of the S&M Amateurs Club. Sayoko tells Keiichi to play along nicely before claiming that she is also into S&M, but he glumly remarks she should make some better friends. Although Belldandy manages to find someone willing to tell her where Keiichi is being held, the informant turns out to be working for Sayoko, and warns her she is coming. Keiichi realizes that they must be trying to figure out Belldandy's true nature, but finds he has troubles of his own when the club members decide to play with him.

Ironically, Urd beats them all to the punch and bursts into the old gym, whipping the S&M Club Members herself, her sudden appearance shocking Aoshima and Sayoko. Belldandy bursts in demanding to know what they did to Keiichi, only to discover that her sister took care of the rescuing, leaving the victims begging for more. Keiichi warns her that they managed to catch everything on tape, telling her to grab it before they manage to analyze the footage, but Sayoko and Aoshima have already fled the scene, taking the tape with them in a getaway car. Belldandy believes that if they learn the truth she won;t be able to stay with Keiichi anymore and uses a Maxwell's Demon to make a broom fly, allowing her to catch up easily.

She demands the tape, but her actions only make Sayoko wonder if she has something to hide. Sayoko directly asks Belldandy what she is, but doesn't believe she is a Goddess when told the truth, instead dismissing it as a lie posed to by her some time. Belldandy looks hurt that she doesn't believe her, allowing the cousins to escape with the evidence. Urd then appears, revealing that she managed to edit the tape to make it look like cheesy special effects, which only confuses Sayoko and Aoshima even more when they have it analyzed by the parapsychology group.

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  • Belldandy reveals the truth about herself, but nobody believes her.

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