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Chapter 22 is titled "Winner Take All".


During another day at the NIT Campus, Tamiya announces to the Auto Club that they will be competing in an endurance race to determine who ranks highest among the college circuit. On the day of the race, Urd and Megumi appear to cheer for Keiichi, the former threatening him not to lose the race. Tamiya issues the same threat, claiming that the club's entire budget for the year is at stake. As they prepare for the upcoming events, Toshiyuki Aoshima watches from a distance, hoping that Keiichi loses so that he can steal Belldandy away from him in the fallout.

Keiichi comforts Belldandy before the woman's race, claiming that all of the other girls participating are amateurs too, but the couple is interrupted by a newcomer from another school. The stranger introduces herself as Diana Lockheed, an expert racer from the Los Angeles Institute of Technology in the United States, a school that Keiichi recognizes from their reputation. She then shows them a flyer revealing herself as the All USA Cart Champion, also mentioning that her boyfriend David Proter placed third in the Daytona 500. The professional racers then meet with Aoshima, asking him if Belldandy is really the fastest female racer in Japan, but he lies and tells them that Keiichi and Belldandy are unofficial champions in the Japanese circuit.

During the race, Belldandy finds herself wondering how to steer properly, forgetting to brake at the first turn. Diana makes fun of her lack of experience as she takes the lead, but Belldandy reads all of her movements and copies them perfectly, easily moving into second place on the champion's tail and qualifying for the final race. As they cross the finish line Keiichi asks Tamiya how he spent all of the budget for the year, only to learn that the new team jumpsuits, jackets, and vehicles were all part of his shopping spree. Despite his efforts to hide the truth from Belldandy, she manages to hear part of their conversation, and begins to worry.

As the men's qualifying race begins, Keiichi reveals that he doesn't want to have Belldandy always bailing him out. As the next round begins, Aoshima reveals that he hired a "cat's paw" to deal with the situation, having paid off someone to block Keiichi during the race. Keiichi immediately realizes that the driver in the neighboring kart appears to be going out of the way to cause him trouble. Belldandy worries about his qualifying time at this current rate, but Urd figures out that something shifty is going on. Aoshima muses that Keiichi will need to complete three more laps in only two minute, noting that his current pace will get him disqualified from the finals. Finally losing her temper, Urd screams at Keiichi to shake the interfering driver and flips up her sister's skirt as a way to motivate Keiichi. The plan seemingly backfires and Keiichi takes damage to his car, Aoshima declaring triumphantly that he doesn't have to do anything now.

While Keiichi worries about his car's alignment, Belldandy tries to help him with magic, only for Urd to beat her to the punch. The older Goddess brings his car to life, the vehicle reaching phenomenal speeds as it tears down the track, terrifying Keiichi. Tamiya and Belldandy cheer as he qualifies for the finals, but the cart loses control of itself and crashes even though Keiichi manages to emerge unharmed.

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  • This chapter marks the first appearance of American characters in the series.

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