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Chapter 4 is titled "College Exchange... Goddess?".


Having never seen an Earth school before, Belldandy accompanies Keiichi to the Nekomi Institute of Technology Campus to get a better look. As they walk the grounds he notices the amount of attention they are receiving, noting that she sticks out even in the crowd. He silently wonders if it would be okay to take her to Professor Ozawa's class, due to the latter's strict attendance policy, combined with the fact that he had cut class once before to attend a lecture with the professor's rival, Dr. Kakuta. As he ponders what the teacher's reaction would be, the duo is approached by Otaki and Tamiya, who ask Belldandy for her address. Although Keiichi becomes defensive about this, Tamiya explains that they only wanted to send his stuff to their new residence. The Motor Club members then drag them along to Professor Kakuta's class, much to Keiichi's disdain. Several male students see Belldandy among the group and follow them to get a better glimpse at her.

A bewildered Keiichi wonders why they forced him to come along, but Tamiya tells him not to bother questioning the details. Belldandy comforts him by saying that she senses no ill will from the Motor Club directors any more than the monk who let them stay at the temple, but grumble to himself that Koshian had plenty of ill will. Professor Kakuta then enters the room top begin the lecture, his eyes immediately gravitating towards Belldandy. Not recognizing her face, he questions whether she is a new student, only to receive a chorus of support from the rest of the class. Due to his class attending Kakuta's lesson, Professor Ozawa's room is completely empty. Ozawa investigates Kakuta's classroom to find his entire class present, but he quickly takes note of Belldandy. Not recognizing her from the roster, the offended teacher wonders if his rival placed her in his class to attract students and becomes suspicious. He reports her as a fake student in an attempt to secure her expulsion, but the Dean admires the amount of enthusiasm Belldandy has brought to Kakuta's lecture hall and decides not to check the records, prompting Ozawa to search the school mainframe personally.

Intending to expose her as a fake student to the staff and students, Ozawa prepares to inspect the data himself. Otaki catches wind of his plan and tells Keiichi and the others, to which Tamiya replies that he never gives up. Keiichi and the Motor Club directors hack the system and upload a program to halt Ozawa's search, but the rogue professor chooses to search the paper records instead. Belldandy feels bad for him and suggests they stop foiling his plans, but Keiichi responds by saying they've gone too far to give up so soon, much to the agreement of his friends. After distracting him with a phone call, Otaki sneaks in and adds more paperwork to the pile to stymie his search again. That night Ozawa falls asleep on the desk while looking through another series or records. Belldandy sneaks into the room and puts a blanket over his shoulders, whispering an apology as she magically conjures some false documents for her enrollment.

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  • Belldandy visits NIT for the first time.
  • She is officially enrolled as a student through the use of false documentation.

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