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Chapter 5 is titled " What Goddess Has Put Together, Let Not Woman Split Apart".


The chapter beings with the introduction of Sayoko Mishima, the self-proclaimed "Campus Queen" of the Nekomi Institute of Technology. Due to her beauty, wealth, and intelligence, her popularity among the male students in staggering. She basks in the glow of admiration while taking a stroll across campus, only for several boys to divert their attention to Belldandy, who innocently waves to the cheering crowd, much to Keiichi's dismay. Sayoko notes that her "supremacy" has been put in jeopardy since the arrival of Belldandy as she watches the couple, taking note of Keiichi, who she vaguely remembers from his attempt to ask her on a date. Thinking that she can use him to get to Belldandy, she decides to approach him.

Later Keiichi and Belldandy are sitting on the grass preparing for lunch. She hands him a box lunch and he questions whether she made it with her powers, but Belldandy claims to have done so the old-fashioned way. She then receives a message to report to Professor Kakuta's office and is forced to leave, but the Goddess tells him to start eating without her and hurries away. Sayoko seizes her chance and approaches Keiichi, her presence surprising him. He remembers asking her to the museum once when he first started college only to be shot down instantly, making him suspicious as to why she would suddenly be speaking to him now. Meanwhile, Belldandy finds out that Professor Kakuta never called for her and wonders who it could have been, only to receive a strange premonition moments later.

Outside the building, Sayoko lies and tells Keiichi that she couldn't tell a good man from a bad one when she rejected him, and tries to gain sympathy by claiming to have been abandoned and betrayed by many men since then. She assures Keiichi that he is the man she really needs at a time like this, inwardly scoffing that no man has ever seen through her act before. Sayoko leans on him and questions whether or not he hated her for the time she rejected him, her close proximity flustering Keiichi as he tries to refute her claim. Before she can push the envelope further, someone accidentally dumps water on her from the window above, Keiichi commenting to himself that it must be the work of the System Force again. She comments how it isn't her day ad leaves, telling him not to forget their conversation as she departs the scene. She gives Belldandy an evil smile as the Goddess walks past her, vowing silently to steal her boyfriend and humiliate her so badly, she'll leave the campus in disgrace.

Belldandy notices Sayoko's desire to separate her from Keiichi and warns him that she is in grave danger. She explains that the System Force becomes more active depending on the strength of the force trying to break them apart, thus is Sayoko continues, she could be in grave danger. As they discuss the ramifications of her actions, Sayoko is seen talking to another girl about the situation. Sayoko boasts that she can easily turn a man like Keiichi into her lovesick slave in less than three days, betting her BMW as collateral with her friend. As the two women agree to the terms of the wager, Belldandy feels the System Force grow stronger. Not knowing what just happened, Keiichi kindly offers her some of his lunch.

In the following week, Sayoko renews her efforts to win Keiichi over, her requests ranging from rides in her BMW, invitations to dinner, and even attempts to invite him over to her house. Each attempt fails miserably thanks to the System Force causing her misfortune such as breaking her car engine, inciting a dog attack, and blasting her away with an unusually powerful wind gust. Although Belldandy manages to shield her from harm using magic, the couple begins to worry for her safety. Despite constant interference from the System Force, Sayoko manages to hand her invitation to Keiichi, but the divine power responds by creating a blizzard over Nekomi to hamper travel.

While she understands the danger posed by the snowstorm, Sayoko remains bitter that he didn't even have the courtesy to call her, only to receive a visitor at the door. While surprised he was able to make it, she is about to declare victory over Belldandy, only to find out that she came with Keiichi. He claims to have been too afraid to travel alone in the weather, while noting to himself that the harsh conditions were indirectly caused by Sayoko's actions. He hands her a cake Belldandy made to apologize for everything, but Sayoko appears is touched that they came all the way to her house for something so minor, and inwardly admits that Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship might be beyond her ability to spoil. She then invites them to stay a while and eat with her, admitting defeat for the moment. As the tension lifts, Belldandy notices the snow has stopped.

The next day at school, Sayoko gives her car to her friend without complaint, humorously replying that the engine is broken.

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  • Sayoko Mishima makes her debut in the series.
  • The System Force is shown to grow stronger when outside interference tries to go against a wish stored in Yggdrasil's systems.

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