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Chapter 6 is titled "SLP - Mission Completed".


Belldandy makes an extra large lunch for Keiichi, but although he is grateful for her efforts, he is taken aback by the gigantic portions of the meal. She apologizes, claiming to have gotten carried away after he complimented her last box lunch, but he does not wish to hurt her feelings and promises to eat it all. Otaki interrupts them suddenly, commenting on how lucky Keiichi is to have a nice girl doing favors for him all the time. Belldandy invites him to join them, and the Motor Club director quickly gobbles down all of the food, leaving behind only small scraps. After gorging his fill, he compliments her cooking and reiterates how lucky Keiichi is to have Belldandy, leaving them with a loud belch as he departs the scene. As quick on the uptake as ever, the Goddess concludes that he is in love with someone. Keiichi mentions that Otaki was too shy to talk to girls in addition to being one of the weirdest people on campus, but he remains interested as to who it could be.

In order to answer their curiosities, she leads Keiichi to Professor Kakuta's Lab and borrows a Single Lens Reflex camera from him. He jokingly asks if she's going to perform some sort of spirit photography, but is surprisingly right. Belldandy explains that by turning someone's thoughts into light, she can project them onto the film of a camera. Since the procedure requires her to speak in Yggdrasil programming language, she warns Keiichi to cover his ears, since it might sound harsh to his human senses. He comments that the code sounds like someone playing a CD-ROM on a audio player, but they finish and take it to the dark room for development. Although most of the pictures are strange, they find one photo of a girl on campus. Keiichi recognizes her as Satoko Yamano, a Freshman electronics student known for her cute appearance, who easily ranks among the top five most attractive girls on the campus. Belldandy questions what they will do next, and although Keiichi admits it is none of his business, he agrees to help out to repay Otaki for fixing his motorcycle sidecar.

Seizing their chance, Keiichi and Belldandy set up a scenario to help Otaki get close to the object of his affections. Using her powers, Belldandy prevents Satoko's scooter from starting, forcing her to seek help. Although a nearby man attempts to offer her a ride, Otaki steps in and tells him off, instead offering to fix her vehicle. He opens his jacket, revealing several tools before getting to work. He discovers that the spark plug is fried and puts in a replacement, warning her that it may not be a perfect match, but should still get her home without a problem. Satoko thanks him for his kindness, saying that she's never been good with machines, but Otaki admits his own lack of talent with computer software in comparison. Keiichi seems satisfied with the results of their meddling and prepares to leave. He finds out that Belldandy accidentally fired his spark plug, although she admits to having overdid it.

The next day, they are seen wondering how things turned out with the new couple. Otaki suddenly joins them, announcing that he was invited over to have dinner at Satoko's house. Keiichi congratulates him, but the Motor Club director explains that he doesn't know what to wear and would like some help. Belldandy recommends that he present a clean image while meeting Satoko's family, saying he should be noble and elegant like a knight. Keiichi wonders if he understood their advice, abruptly receiving his answer when his friend emerges wearing knight's armor. While Otaki thinks its cool, Belldandy agrees, despite noting that his outfit is hardly normal eveningwear. He also tries on a few more outfits from his cosplay collection, prompting them to question whether or not he was serious about this endeavor. They eventually settle on a suit and jacket, and Belldandy gives him a bouquet of flowers, although Otaki mentions that he liked the armor better as he leaves.

Once he is gone, Belldandy points out that they're at the dorm where Keiichi used to live and absent-mindedly asks whether or not she should be there. Tamiya then appears and tell him off for bringing her back in the men-only house, the tenants literally tossing Keiichi out for the second time.

Meanwhile Tamiya greets Satoko's family with a formal bow. While her father comments that he seems like a polite young man, Otaki notes his stern expression and panics slightly. As he heads inside to have dinner with the family, Keiichi watches the spectacle from across the street. Belldandy asks how things are going, but all he can say is that Otaki's being himself. Back in the house, Satoko's father admonishes his daughter, clearly unable to understand what she sees in a man whose favorite hobby is welding. He dismisses her date as a blue-collar type, sternly explaining that she shouldn't be associating with such people. Otaki respectfully claims that judging someone by their hobby is not an appropriate way to gauge their character, only angering him.

Just then, a grease fire ignites on the stovetop. Keiichi asks Belldandy to put it out with her powers, but instead, the Goddess decides to increase the size of the fire while preventing them from causing harm in an attempt to twist the situation in their favor. Satoko tries to put out the flames using a bucket of water, but Otaki warns her against it and manages to stop is using a fire extinguisher. Having been too paralyzed with fear to act himself, Satoko's father becomes impressed by the young man's bravery and deems him a brave and intelligent young man. He proclaims him worthy of being Satoko's groom, much to the delight of his daughter and the shock of his guest. Surprised by this sudden change, Otaki runs to friends and asks what to should do next, but Keiichi simply tells him to take it like a man.

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  • Satoko Yamano makes her first appearance in the series.

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