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Chapter 7 is titled "The Lullaby of Love".


Upon arriving at the college, Keiichi realizes that he left the data for his lab report back home. Belldandy quickly questions if it was on his desk and decides to go back to the temple to retrieve it, disappearing before he can elaborate on its location. He sits on a bench commenting that she should return in a moment in any case, quickly becoming disheartened when several passersby see him alone and ask if Belldandy dumped him. He guesses that it's only natural people would be curious, since they've been joined at the hip for a while now, and she naturally attracts so much attention. Lost in his thoughts, he jumps in surprise when Belldandy pops up behind him, having brought him all of his materials due to not knowing which ones he wanted. He falls over due to the weight as she hands him the books, with Belldandy commenting that she generated a gravitation interruption around her hands to lighten the load.

After finishing up at school, the couple returns home to the Hariki Hongan Temple for the day. While Belldandy sets to work preparing their meal, he ponders their relationship and wonders if it would be a good idea to take the next step. He rummages through some stuff given to him by Otaki and Tamiya, pulling out a guide on how to get a girlriend. Keiichi ponders if this will help him get his first kiss from a real girl and starts looking for some romantic music in his box of cassettes, eventually settling on something by Barry White.

He triumphantly assume his plans will be successful as she enters the room behind him, calling him for dinner. Keiichi asks if she read his mind, but Belldandy claims that due to a desire to conserve her energy and her lessened power on Earth, she has limited her ability to seeing the aura of emotions around people based on color. She notices that he is emitting a yellow aura denoting happiness, wondering if something good happened to him earlier that day. He then tries to play the music, only to realize that the player doesn't work without speakers or headphones, silently cursing his own lack of foresight. Keiichi pushes the topic of romance, questioning if its odd that they've been living together for several months without anything happening between them, while noting quickly that its all right if this isn't what she wanted.

During his heated confession, Belldandy notes his body temperature and blood pressure have risen, but she assumes he has a cold and panics for his safety. She drags him down the hall and puts him to bed, linking with the full power of Yggdrasil in an attempt to put him to sleep to help his supposed illness. Keiichi tries to fight off the spell, but eventually gives in and passes out before he can explain any further. As he drifts off the sleep, Belldandy blushes and bids him goodnight, planting a loving kiss on his cheek. He wakes up h next morning upset by his lack of success and laments that even a kiss on the cheek would have been nice, completely unaware that he got what he wanted after all.

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  • Belldandy kisses Keiichi for the first time, if only on the cheek.

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