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Chapter 8 is titled "The Megumi Problem".


One morning while looking at the budget, Keiichi Morisato realizes that they won't have any money to eat until his parents send them more. the next week. Although Belldandy suggests they finish the ramen, she remembers they ate it all already. Knowing that they have nothing left in the fridge save for some cheese and a box of baking soda, Keiichi laments having spent his extra money on textbooks, and considers skipping class for the next few days to do some part-time work. Not wanting him to do that, Belldandy declares that she will remedy the problem. He as she can simply create money, but she claims that making such exact duplicates of physical matter is beyond her power, and instead issues a prayer to the Almighty One for sustenance.

The couple is then visited by Keiichi's younger sister Megumi Morisato, whom Belldandy assumes is one of his female friends, only to be corrected as she introduces herself. Megumi teases her brother, claiming that she didn't expect an innocent boy like him to be living with a beautiful foreign woman, but he glumly tells her to keep her mouth shut about the arrangement. Although Belldandy seems unconcerned, he mentions that they come from a small hometown where something so small could breed rumors about him all around town, but Megumi interrupts his rant by handing him a letter.

Her brother claims it was foolish to deliver it by hand. when she could have just sent it in the mail. She claims to have tried that, only to have it returned due to his change of residence, forcing her to go to his old dormitory and ask the tenants for his new address, which eventually led her to the Tariki Hongan Temple. Keiichi laughs awkwardly as he remembers what happened, becoming pleasant surprised when he opens the envelope to find money inside. He and Belldandy read the letter, learning that Megumi intends to stay with them while taking an entrance exam for one of the local colleges, the money serving as a thanks for their hospitality. Megumi slyly asks if she can stay to which Keiichi agrees, knowing that they would be broke without her added finances.

While Keiichi rejoices over their good fortune, Belldandy notices a note on the back of the letter, bringing it to his attention that his sister intends to stay for several more weeks if she fails her first entry exam. Keiichi suddenly panics, thinking that they won't be able to keep his companion's Goddess identity a secret for that long, instead vowing to help Megumi pass her exams the first time. While Belldandy assume he is only doing this as a thoughtful brother, his real motivation is to be rid of Megumi as soon as possible

The couple approaches her in the guest room and offers her help studying. She claims not to be worried, but hands Keiichi an extra hard bonus question that she was unable to work out for herself. While he tries to make sense of it, she snickers to herself, knowing that it was only put on the test to separate the normal students from the incredibly gifted. While she remains unconcerned, Belldandy decides to tutor her instead. Megumi continually tries to stump her by handing off several difficult questions, but in the end she receives proper tutoring from the Goddess.

Next morning, Megumi asks Belldandy if she has plans for the future, but the Goddess merely claims she is only on Earth for Keiichi and will remain by his side forever. The younger girl is touched by the sentiment. Keiichi emerges from his room supposedly having cracked the bonus question, but Megumi takes one look at it and deems his answer wrong before leaving to take the test. Although she becomes nervous during the entry exam, Megumi calms down and realizes that she recognizes a lot of the math and physics questions as material she and Belldandy covered the previous day. Megumi passes the test with flying colors, revealing to a surprised Keiichi that she had just gotten into Nekomi Institute of Technology where he attends college.

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  • This chapter introduces Megumi Moritsato, Keiichi's younger sister.
  • Megumi makes it into the Nekomi Institute of Technology.
  • Belldandy's vast knowledge is once again shown as she quickly answers complex math and physics.

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