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Chapter 9 is titled "The Apartment-Hunting Blues".


With classes only two weeks away from starting, Keiichi discovers that his sister still hasn't found a place to live. Megumi claims she only started looking the previous day, much to his dismay, but Belldandy changes the subject by questioning what kind of place she is looking for. Megumi reaches in her bag and hands them a flyer she made listing her expectations and budget, mentioning she wants a large, newly refurbished apartment with one bedroom, modern appliances, a yard or garden, all while being less than a ten minute walk from the NIT Campus for under $350.

Keiichi laughs at her unrealistically high expectations and decides to give her a more realistic figure, showing her an apartment rental list detailing apartments of considerably low quality for more than twice her desired budget. Megumi tosses the magazine aside and laughs it off, refusing to be scared by the prices while remaining hopeful that they can find something that fits her needs. Later that night Belldandy searches for Keiichi, but Megumi tells her he is in the bath, instead inviting her into the guest room to talk. She guesses that Belldandy was going to ask Keiichi if she could stay, but assures her it is not necessary. Surprised by her generosity, she questions whether or not Belldandy ever gets tired of taking care of people, but the older woman says it is her reason for living. Megumi compares her personality to that of a Goddess, but Keiichi interrupts them just as Belldandy is about to admit the truth. He drags Belldandy from the room under the impression of discussing the next day's schedule with her, his sister becoming suspicious as they leave.

The next day the trio goes apartment hunting. but is unable to find anything even remotely close to what she is looking for. Keiichi asks Belldandy if she can use magic to help, so Belldandy chants a prayer to guide them where they need to be, leading them to an apartment that has everything they were looking for under $200 dollars a month. The landlord claims that he's been unable to keep a tenant living there for very long, warning them to survey the apartment carefully before choosing to stay. As they go inside, Belldandy senses a suspicious presence, but Megumi claims she'll take it, and goes to inspect the garden.

Once Megumi heads outside, Belldandy mentions that it is unusually cold considering that the apartment faces the sunlight at that time of day, forcefully calling out for the hidden specter to show itself. A caped figure wearing the robes of a deity materializes before them, angrily asking Belldandy who she is. She identifies him as the being responsible for chasing out the other tenants before exposing his nature as a Third Class Earth Spirit, the being expressing surprise that anyone on the planet could possibly know what he is. He then notices that Belldandy is weakened by being in this dimension and refuses her demand to return to the Earth, instead trying to possess Keiichi. Belldandy reveals her identity as a First Class Goddess and orders him to stop, quickly earning the obedience of the angry spirit. She then embraces Keiichi out of relief, saying it would have taken days to exorcise him had he been taken over.

When asked why a creature responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the planet would so such terrible things, the Earth Spirit kneels before her and claims that due to his own carelessness, the humans built the apartment house above his resting place and drove a stake through the Earth Power Line, his source of energy, thus rendering him bereft of the majority of his powers. Keiichi asks what is going on, and Belldandy explains that spirits use the Earth Power Line to travel, and if it is damaged, the ground and spirit in the vicinity will whither and die. She then offers to fix it if the Earth Spirit will agree to return to his duties of tending the land, to which he agrees.

After fixing his power source with a spell, the Earth Spirit thanks her and claims to be in her debt. Belldandy only asks that he protect Megumi, and he gives his word to act as her guardian, turning him into his desired form of a rat. Megumi walks into the room and asks if anyone else saw a strange glowing light, and although Keiichi refutes the idea, she remains suspicious of them. Belldandy than presents her with the Earth Spirit in rat form, calling him her guardian spirit. She then shrieks in terror as the spirit flees in the rafters to hide.

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  • Megumi finds the apartment where she lives for the remainder of the series.
  • This chapter introduces the Third Class Earth Spirit, who remains behind to protect and watch over Megumi.

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