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Hell (Niflheim)


Magic, Possession

Demons are a powerful race of beings that inhabit the realm of Hell, and are the beings opposite to the Gods.


Demons are highly powerful beings who usually have the appearance of attractive individuals with red or purple markings as opposed to the blue markings of Deities. Their ultimate leader is the Daimakaichō, often translated to "great demon leader" or "Ruler of Demonkind", their current master Hild possessing powers that rival that of the Almighty One. Unlike Gods who are wise humanlike beings, some Demons are monstrous creatures used by the more intelligent, humanoid brethren as servants or familiars. One of the most common types of lesser Demons shown in the series are octopus-like in appearance, and they vary widely in both size and sentience.

While often being portrayed as unpleasant, scheming, and insidious, demons do not seek to actively harm people in most cases, instead trying to tempt people into making wish contracts and increase the demonic shares on Earth by saturating the world with chaotic wishes. Although they value the ideals of freedom, anarchy, and self-indulgence, Demons in the series are not necessarily evil. Some such as Marller only seek to prove their abilities while treating it like a job, while the misfortune master Senbee takes joy out of causing mischief. Demons are actively in competition with the Gods over who can get more clients, but differ in goals since the divine faction wishes to bring happiness, while the demons desire chaos.

While they often possess a bad reputation, Demons are very serious when they establish a contract, and are professional in keeping their word to the letter.


Like Goddeses, Demons also possess the standard abilities shared by most sentient supernatural beings in the series, including the power to cast spells and use magic for their own purposes. While they both factions are known to grants requests of those they choose to be worthy, Goddesses focus on granting the wishes of good-hearted people and ask nothing in return, while Demons pick clients based on their own discretion, and always demand something of equal value be given in compensation for their services.

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