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Chapter 15

Heaven, as portrayed in various forms of mythology, is a paradise and the home of several divine beings. In the Ah! My Goddess series, it is the world where holy deities reside, and the the Almighty One's seat of power.


At the beginning of the series, Belldandy descends from Heaven to grant the wish of Keiichi Morisato, which results in her remaining by his side forever. Heaven is the home of all Gods and Goddesses in the series, particularly that of Belldandy and her sisters Urd and Skuld, known collectively as the Norns. The realm itself is shown as a beautiful utopia with bright blue skies and majestic cliffs as far as the eye can see, rich with the bounty of nature, and littered with stone buildings built of the most bizarre and arcane architecture. Several island-like structures seems to float in the air around the palaces of Heaven, containing smaller buildings and gardens. The largest structure in sight is the palace of the Almighty One, who rules the domain from his high seat overlooking the realm.


Heaven is ruled by an enigmatic being known widely as the Almighty One, who keeps order by setting down and enforcing the limitations he imposes on the lesser deities. He is a strong force within the world of the divine, his sheer power and magnitude only rivaled by Hild, the Demonic Ruler of Hell. All those under his authority are to obey the laws he has set down without question, anything less being considered an act of treason. Despite his strength as a mighty ruler, the Almighty is not omnipotent, and is often portrayed as sympathetic, wise, and understanding.

Since the deities of Heaven are typically a loyal and righteous group, the problems he must face are limited to malfunctions in Yggdrasil, and problems with the Demons of Hell. Only in times of immense danger has he been shown to support the use of military force, during which he will call upon Heaven's Elite Fighting Unit, the Valkyries, the eradicate the source of the threat.


  • All Gods and Goddesses must obey the orders of the Almighty One.
  • The Doublet System between Heaven and the Demons must always remain intact to prevent direct fighting between the realms: Killing a member of the opposite race will cause one of the aggressor's race to die as well.
  • A Second Class Deity is not permitted to perform surveillance on human subjects.
  • Misuse of powers will result in the suspension of a deity's license. Use of powers during a suspension will result in termination of said license.


Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru), is the heavenly computer system that maintains reality, with the Gods and Goddesses acting as its programmers, system administrators, and debuggers. Their first day together, Belldandy explains to Keiichi that the true power of the Gods exists in Heaven, while those who are tasked with heading to Earth are simply acting as antennas in order to transmit the wishes of humans to Yggdrasil, the divine supercomputer that provides them with power and monitors all things in existence.

Goddess Relief OfficeEdit

One of the primary offices for divine affairs, the Goddess Relief Office is the place of work for wish-granting Goddesses like Belldandy. Yggdrasil system administrators work with the Goddess Relief Office by notifying the Goddesses of people whose fortune is out of balance, given their actions such as fortitude in facing misfortune, kindness in sympathizing with others. Each person Yggdrasil chooses is granted one wish which can be anything the person desires, although the people chosen to be blessed by the Gods are observed to prevent those with ill intentions from receiving a wish.