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Humans are the main occupants of Earth who lack any inherent supernatural abilities, and are typicall portrayed in the Ah! My Goddess series as being faithful to real-life humans.


The majority of human beings seen in the story are relatively normal people, having no superhuman powers, but possessing the free will to choose from the paths of good and evil. They are the main inhabitants of the planet Earth, but most have little knowledge of the worlds that lie beyond what they can see. While humans are generally ignorant of the existence of Goddesses and Demons, those select people chosen by either faction to be worthy will be approached by the supernatural and offered a wish. While Heavenly Deities are known to choose kind-hearted people as candidates for divine intervention, Demons prey on those who have ill will in their hearts, or choose subjects by their own personal discretion.

Most humans dismiss the paranormal experiences by coming up with a more believable explanation, as shown when the Monk Koshian attempts to rationalize the strange powers of a Goddess as signs of enlightenment, or when Sayoko Mishima draws the conclusion that Belldandy is a witch. Despite some incidents where humans have fallen in love with Deities, interspecies relationship between humans, demons, and Gods are shown to be forbidden, requiring such a couple to pass a test by Heaven in order to stay together.


While humans have no inherent powers beyond the physical limitations of their bodies, some are shown to have developed a certain level of spiritual knowledge or awareness due to personal experience, or encounters with the supernatural. Keiichi Morisato is an example of one such person, who due to living with the Goddess Belldandy and her sisters, has encountered many paranormal creatures and accumulated knowledge usually hidden from ordinary people.

Despite their usual lack of special abilities, ordinary people are shown to be capable of hosting an Angel in their bodies if they possess a pure heart and a strong sense of love, like Keiichi has done once in the past. Those with a certain level of knowledge on the paranormal are also capable of causing and manipulating supernatural phenomena, as shown when amateur exorcist Shiho Sakakibara accidentally conjures low-level misfortune spirits, and summons mythical creatures using a magical circle.

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