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English Name:





NIT Professor


Nekomi Institute of Technology


Nekomi, Japan


Chapter 4, Episode 3


Kan Tanaka

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Dan Green

Kakuta (角田研二) is a professor teaching at the Nekomi Institute of Technology, and a minor character in the series.


Kakuta is a middle-aged man of average height with gray hair and thick eyebrows, his face lined with signs of aging. in comparison to his colleague, Professor Ozawa, Kakuta is appears more cheerful and light-hearted. Being a teacher at the Nekomi Institute of Technology, Kakuta usually dresses in formal clothing befitting an educator of his stature, his garb usually consisting of a light tan suit and red tie.


Unlike his rival Ozawa, Professor Kakuta is more relaxed and easy-going, happily welcoming new students into his classroom and taking things in stride, a stark contrast to the more uptight behavior of his colleague. He seems to take joy out of shaping the minds of his young charges and is most enthusiastic when meeting exceptional students. He also appears to be very welcoming to those who wish to hear his lectures, having taken the word of his class that the Goddess Belldandy was a new exchange student, and posing no objections to the presence of several students who were not supposed to be in his room at the time.

As a professor of the institute, Kakuta has a keen interest in technology and engineering, and strove to build a ceramic engine. His success in this project has put him at odds with Professor Ozawa, who has had less breakthroughs while working on a similar experiment.


At some point in his life, Professor Kakuta became an instructor at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. He developed a rivalry with fellow teacher, Professor Ozawa, since both men were actively trying to create a working ceramic engine.


Kakuta is first seen when he enters the lecture hall to teach a class, looking pleased to see that so many people have turned up to partake in his lessons. Even knowing that some of them are not supposed to be there, he notices Belldandy sitting in the center, and becomes curious by her presence since he had never seen her before. Keiichi Morisato nervously makes up an excuse that she is an exchange student, only to be joined by a chorus of agreement from the rest of the class. Kakuta seems unconvinced, but he accepts the story without any further prying, earning cheers of approval from his students. During the ensuing lesson, he is pleasantly surprised by Belldandy's unusual intelligence and eagerness. His rival, Professor Ozawa, stops in and becomes angered that all of his students were attending Kakuta's lecture instead. Ozawa mistakenly jumps to the conclusion that Kakuta hired Belldandy to pose as a student to lure people to his class, and tries to oust her to the Dean. The administrator only admires the enthusiasm Belldandy brings to Professor Kakuta's Class.

He is seen again when Belldandy is called to his office, but the professor claims not to have issued such a request and dismisses her. The message turns out to have been a ploy set up by Sayoko Mishima to lure her away from Keiichi.