Keiichi Morisato

Japanese Name:

森里 螢一

English Name:

Keiichi Morisato




College Student


NIT Motor Club, Belldandy


Nekomi, Japan, Tariki Hongan Temple


Chapter 1, Episode 1


Masami Kikuchi

English VA:

Scott Simpson (OVA), Tony Oliver (Movie), Drew Aaron (Anime)


Megumi Morisato (Sister), Keima Morisato (Father), Takano Morisato (Mother) Belldandy (Wife) Elgron (Son)

Keiichi Morisato (森里 螢一Morisato Keiichi) is an engineering student attending the Nekomi Institute of Technology and the main male protagonist of the series. One day he accidentally dials the Goddess Relief Office and is offered a wish by the First Class Goddess, Belldandy. Struck by her kindness and sincerity, he wishes for her to remain by his side.


Keiichi Morisato is an average-looking man in his college years, with brown eyes and short-cut black hair with a slightly messy look to it, although the exact length and arrangement of his hair varies over the course of the series. As observed by several other characters, he is relatively normal in appearance and demeanor, being below average height and noticeably shorter than his girlfriend, Belldandy. Keiichi describes himself as average, short, and not particularly handsome, a rather blunt statement despite the fact that most of the people around him do not necessarily see him as unattractive. He is usually seen in casual dress, consisting of a plain white shirt, dark-colored jacket, sneakers, and a pair of blue jeans. He wears a pair of goggles and a helmet when riding his motorcycle. Keiichi usually appears easygoing and contented, usually projecting a calm exterior and smile.


Keiichi is an incredibly nice person who will put the feelings of others before himself, not unlike Belldandy. Because of this, he doesn't like to see others getting hurt and has willingly placed himself in harm's way to protect those he cares about the most, even when faced with supernatural threats. Generally seen as a nice guy with a strong moral compass, Keiichi is very easy-going and cheerful towards those around him, even when faced with people who have caused him trouble in the past. Due to his natural good nature, Keiichi is easily swayed into doing things by other people, particular his Motor Club superiors Otaki and Tamiya who will pawn work on him out of laziness. While he tries to avoid conflict whenever possible, his is also quick to stand up and fight for his friends, and will even risk his own safety to help others when lives are in danger. Keiichi shares many of his most genuine qualities with Belldandy, which may be the reason why she readily puts so much faith in him.

Although he is noticeably intelligent, Keiichi is also somewhat gullible and relatively innocent, qualities that put him at odds with the strange circumstances in which he lives. While he is incredibly devoted to Belldandy through their strong bonds of love and trust, his lack of experience with women often makes if difficult for him to express his feelings. He shows signs of bashfulness when conveying his love to her, and quickly becomes embarrassed at signs of deeper romantic actions and intimacy, especially those prompted along by the machinations of Urd. Despite this, he often admonishes himself for his own hesitation and lack of courage in the field of romance. The purity of his personality was illustrated during the Angel Eater arc, when he was able to summon one of the Valkyrie Lind's own Angels, Cool Mint. According to Lind, he was able to host the angel due to his "love of goddesses" which was also made possible due to his innocent and kind-hearted nature. He has also been shown capable of controlling an Angel, something which few if any humans would be able to do.

As an engineering student and member of the Auto Club, Keiichi is also an avid lover of motorcycles and cars, and experiences great joy through building, fixing, and racing vehicles. Despite being an excellent driver, he claims that his success on the racetrack is due to practice and hard work rather than any inherent talent.


Keiichi was born and raised in Kushiro in the Northwestern section of Hokkaidō. He grew up with his younger sister Megumi, and their parents. His father Keima is a professional glassblower with an interest in motorcycles, and his mother an avid Mahjong Player. Not much else is mentioned about his background, but in his high school years, Keiichi was just as shy and awkward around girls as he is in the present story. It is implied he was not very popular with the female students as a result.


Introduction ArcEdit


Keiichi meets his Goddess

Keiichi is first seen smoking a cigarette one night in the men's dormitory, having been forced by his seniors to sit by the phone and handle their calls, angry that Tamiya doesn't have an answering machine. While trying to order dinner, he accidentally dials the wrong number, and the phone connects him to the Goddess Help Line. He remains confused by the strange response, but his shock only intensifies when the Goddess Belldandy emerges from the mirror behind him. After introducing herself, she than offers him a single wish and explains that it can be whatever he desires. Naturally, he remains skeptic of her presence and wonders whether he is dreaming, or if his friends sent her as a joke, knowing that he has no luck with dating. Belldandy dismisses his worries under the grounds that she cannot lie, and asks him why he has trouble dating. Keiichi then compares their heights, cynically commenting that he is too short, but she remains uncertain of why his stature could possibly deprive him of luck with women. Intrigued by her sincerity, he wishes that "A Goddess like you remain by my side". He dismisses this as a crazy idea, but his wish in then granted. Belldandy uses the phone to dial the Almighty One for answers, but discovers that the wish has already been transferred into Yggdrasil's Systems, and cannot be recalled. After explaining herself, she smiles and declares that from this point forward, she will remain by his side.

Keiichi mentions that his dormitory is only for men, but Belldandy remains unconcerned because she is a Goddess, not an ordinary woman. Afraid of being kicked out of his home, he tells her to leave for a while, only to be pushed back towards her by the wish-granting System Force, which prevents them from being separated. They are soon interrupted by the arrival of Tamiya and Otaki, who kick them out for violating the rules. Keiichi prepares to leave on his motorcycle when he remembers that the sidecar was never repaired, but discovers that Otaki convenientl took care of it. Belldandy climbs in and the two drive off, noting that the System Force must've played a role in ensuring their safe travel.

After his tenth failed attempt to find someone willing to take them in, Keiichi laments the lack of reliability of his so-called friends. Belldandy apologizes for getting him thrown out of his dorm, but he assures her that they still have a few options. After some comments on her outlandish clothing, Belldandy changes her outfit to something less conspicuous using magic. The spell frightens Keiichi for a moment, but she explains the nature of the phenomena, describing it as easy, but not something she can do very often. Although he manages to find a place to stay, their host's perverted nature prompts him to take Belldandy and leave. Upon reaching the next stop, Keiichi introduced her to his friend Sada, who welcomes the couple without enthusiasm, as he is too busy watching an anime to pay them any mind. She expresses admiration towards his dedication, noting that she has never had anything to completely devote herself to. He responds by asking her if she has something now, in reference to his wish, to which Belldandy blushes and smiles. Upon finishing his anime, Sada becomes entranced by Belldandy and reaches out to touch her breasts, only to be brought back to his senses by Keiichi, who discreetly mentions that his friend has no resistance to girls. Sada is delighted when Belldandy expresses an interest in anime, and gives her a tape with some of his favorites, but loses himself in her beauty and tries to kiss her. Belldandy is unable to fight him off due to using too much power earlier, but Keiichi defends her. Keiichi dismisses him as another pervert while Belldandy thanks him for saving her, and they hit the road again.

Having failed to find a place for them to stay, Keiichi tries pitching a tent. Belldandy offers to help him, but he turns her down, having easily assembled the structure many times in the past. She suddenly senses a change in the air and realizes that it is about to rain. Meanwhile Keiichi remembers that he only has one sleeping bag and wonders how it will work out, getting embarrassed as he imagines them both gripping to fit inside. His thoughts are interrupted by the predicted downpour, but this turns out to be the least of their worries, as he finds Belldandy passed out beside him. Unaware that her earlier use of magic drained her powers, Keiichi places her in the sidecar and begins driving around desperately to find help. The couple arrives at the gates of the Tariki Hongan Temple, but Keiichi also passes out from exhaustion. The next morning, Keiichi realizes he is laying beside Belldandy and wakes up in surprise, wondering how exactly they ended up in the same bed. Their worries are soon put to rest by the local priest, Koshian, who had assumed they were lovers when he found them outside his temple. As the trio sit down for breakfast, Koshian makes note of Belldandy's foreign appearance and asks her what she is doing in Japan. Although she tries to explain the full truth, Keiichi quickly tells the priest that she had come as a tourist.

The monk tasks Keiichi with fixing the roof as compensation for allowing them to stay. While doing the chore, he casually warns Belldandy that telling the truth about her paranormal existence might be unwise, but she rationalizes that a First Class Goddess is forbidden from lying. While working on the tiles, Keiichi falls from the roof, only to be rescued by Belldandy's magic. After repairing the broken tiles, she joins him on the roof and licks his wounded elbow, inadvertently casting a spell to accelerate his metabolism and speed up his body's healing process. During the ordeal, Koshian sees her somehow ascend the rooftop without a latter and becomes suspicious of her true nature. Throughout the next day, Belldandy demonstrates her talents as a homemaker and a spiritual entity, her so-called enlightenment inspiring Koshian to go on a pilgrimage to India to find deeper enlightenment like that of the Goddess. He departs immediately, leaving behind a note giving Keiichi and Belldandy custody of the temple in his absence.

When Keiichi returns to the NIT Campus for class the next day, Belldandy accompanies Keiichi to get a better look at a school. As they walk the grounds he notices the amount of attention they are receiving. As he ponders what the teacher's reaction would be if he brought Belldandy to class, the duo is approached by Otaki and Tamiya, who ask Belldandy for her address. Although Keiichi becomes defensive, Tamiya explains that they only wanted to send his stuff over. The Motor Club members drag them along to class, ignoring the fact that Keiichi was supposed to be attending another lecture with Professor Ozawa. Professor Kakuta enters and questions whether Belldandy is a new student, only to receive a chorus of support from the rest of the class. Meanwhile Professor Ozawa investigates the classroom to find that his entire class had skipped in favor of attending Kakuta's class. Not recognizing Belldandy from the roster, the offended teacher wonders if Kakuta placed her in his class to attract more students. He begins searching school records, but Otaki catches wind of this and the foursome continually foil his efforts to expose Belldandy as a fake student.

During another visit to the college, Keiichi sits down to a picnic lunch with Belldandy. He momentarily questios whether she made it with her powers., but she claims to have done so the old-fashioned way. She then receives a message to report to Professor Kakuta's office and is forced to leave. In her absence, Keiichi is approached by Sayoko Mishima, who is jealous of Belldandy's popularity rivaling her own. She strikes up a conversation with him, intending to seduce Keiichi in an act of spite. Having been shot down after asking her out on a date before, he becomes suspicious as to why she would suddenly be speaking to him now. She lies and tells Keiichi that she wasn't thinking clearly back then, and tries to gain sympathy by claiming to have been abandoned and betrayed by many men since, inwardly scoffing that no man has ever seen through her act before. Sayoko leans on him and questions whether or not he hates her for the time she rejected him, her close proximity flustering Keiichi. Before she can push further, someone accidentally dumps water on her from the window above, stopping her advances immediately. Keiichi comments to himself that it must be the work of the System Force again. Upset with how it turned out, Sayoko leaves, telling him not to forget their conversation.

Belldandy returns in time to see Sayoko departing the scene and quickly senses the other woman's desire to separate her from Keiichi. She warns him that Sayoko is in grave danger, explaining that the System Force becomes more active depending on the strength of the force trying to break them apart. In the following week Sayoko renews her efforts to win Keiichi over, but is continually foiled by the System Force causing bad luck. Although Belldandy manages to shield them from harm using magic, she and Keiichi begin to worry for her safety. Sayoko eventually manages to hand a note of invitation to Keiichi, but the divine power responds by creating a blizzard over Nekomi to stop him from visiting her house. Much to her surprise, Keiichi and Belldandy pay her a visit during the storm, delivering a cake Belldandy made to apologize for everything that happened. Sayoko appears surprisingly touched by the kindness and invites them to stay and eat with her, admitting defeat to Belldandy for the moment.

Glad that he enjoyed her last box lunch, Belldandy makes an extra large one for Keiichi. Although he is taken aback by the gigantic portions, he promises to eat it all as to not hurt her feelings. Otaki then interrupts them, commenting on how lucky Keiichi is to have a nice girl doing favors for him all the time. Belldandy invites him to join them, and the Motor Club director quickly gobbles down all of the food, complimenting her cooking as he reiterates how lucky Keiichi is to have Belldandy. The Goddess concludes that he is in love with someone, but Keiichi mentions that Otaki is usually too shy to talk to girls in addition to being one of the weirdest people on campus. To find their answer, Belldandy obtains a camera from Professor Kakuta's lab. Keiichi jokingly asks if she's going to perform some sort of spirit photography, but Belldandy explains that by turning someone's thoughts into light, she can project them onto the film. Although most of the pictures are strange, they find one photo of a girl Keiichi recognizes as Satoko Yamano, a Freshman known for her cute appearance. Keiichi reluctantly decides to get them together to repay Otaki for fixing his motorcycle sidecar. That afternoon, Belldandy prevents Satoko's motorcycle from starting and Otaki steps in, quickly replacing her spark plug, to which she is thankful. Keiichi then discovers that Belldandy accidentally fried his own spark plug too, although she admits to having overdid it.

The next day, they are seen wondering how things turned out when Otaki joins them, announcing that he was invited to have dinner with Satoko. Keiichi congratulates him, but the Motor Club director explains that he doesn't know what to wear. Belldandy recommends that he present a clean image like noble and elegant knight. Keiichi wonders if he understood the advice, abruptly receiving his answer when his friend emerges wearing knight's armor. He tries on a few more outfits from his cosplay collection, prompting them to question whether or not he was taking this seriously, although they eventually settle on a suit and jacket. Belldandy then notices they are at the dorm where Keiichi used to live, and absent-mindedly asks whether or not she should be there. Tamiya appears and tells him off for bringing her back into the men-only house while the tenants literally tossing Keiichi out for the second time.

As Otaki reaches Satoko's house, Keiichi watches from across the street. Belldandy asks how things are going, but all he can say is that Otaki's being himself. Back in the house, Satoko's father admonishes his daughter, clearly unable to understand what she sees in her date. Just then, a grease fire ignites on the stovetop. Keiichi asks Belldandy to put it out, but instead, the Goddess increases the size of the fire while preventing it from causing harm, in an attempt to twist the situation in their favor. Satoko tries to put out the flames using a bucket of water, but Otaki warns her against it and manages to stop it using a fire extinguisher. Impressed by the young man's bravery, her father proclaims him worthy of being Satoko's groom, much to the delight of his daughter. Surprised by this, Otaki runs to his friends and asks what to do next, but Keiichi simply tells him to take it like a man.

During another normal day at NIT, Keiichi realizes that he left the data for his lab report back home. Belldandy asks if it was on his desk and decides to retrieve it, disappearing before he can elaborate on its location. He sits on a bench knowing that she should return in a moment, quickly becoming disheartened when several passersby see him alone and ask if Belldandy dumped him. He guesses that it's only natural people would be curious, since they've been joined at the hip for a while, and she naturally attracts so much attention. Lost in his thoughts, he jumps in surprise when Belldandy pops up behind him, having brought all of his materials due to not knowing which ones he wanted. He falls over due to the weight as she hands him the books, with Belldandy commenting that she generated a gravitation interruption around her hands to lighten the load.


Belldandy puts Keiichi to sleep

When the couple returns home to the temple, Belldandy sets to work preparing their meal while he ponders if it would be a good idea to take their relationship to the next step. He rummages through some stuff given to him by Otaki and Tamiya, pulling out a guide on how to get a girlriend. Keiichi wonders if this will help him get his first kiss from a real girl and follows the instructions. He starts looking for some romantic music in a box of cassettes, eventually settling on something by Barry White. He triumphantly assumes his plans will be successful as she calls him for dinner. Keiichi asks if she read his mind, but Belldandy claims that due to a desire to conserve her energy and her lessened power on Earth, she has limited her ability to seeing the aura of emotions around people. He then tries to play the music, only to realize that the player doesn't work without speakers or headphones silently cursing his own lack of foresight. Keiichi nervously pushes the topic of romance, questioning if its odd that they've been living together for several months without anything happening between them, while noting quickly that it's all right if this isn't what she wants.

During his heated confession, Belldandy notes his body temperature and blood pressure have risen, but she assumes he has a cold and panics for his safety. She drags him from the room and puts him to bed, linking with the full power of Yggdrasil in an attempt to put him to sleep to help his supposed illness. Keiichi tries to fight off the spell, but eventually gives in and passes out before he can explain. As he drifts off the sleep, Belldandy blushes and bids him goodnight, planting a loving kiss on his cheek. He wakes up h next morning upset by his lack of success and laments that even a kiss on the cheek would have been nice, completely unaware that he got what he wanted after all.

Family Problems ArcEdit


Megumi visits her brother

After realizing that his their spending money for this month is gone, Keiichi laments that they have nothing eat and ponders skipping class to get some part time work, but Belldandy assures him she can help out. He questions whether or not she can create money, but Belldandy claims it is beyond her power, instead praying to the Almighty One for sustenance. As if to answer their prayers, they receive a visit from a girl who introduces herself as Keiichi's younger sister, Megumi Morisato. She expresses amusement that her older brother is living with a beautiful foreign woman, although he angrily tells her to keep it quiet knowing that rumors would spread like a plague back home. Megumi hands him a letter, explaining that she is planning on taking an entrance exam for college and would like to stay with them in the meantime. Megumi gives him money in exchange for the hospitality, effectively solving he brother's financial issues, but Keiichi becomes nervous after learning that she plans to stay for several weeks if she fails her exam. He doesn't believe they will be able to hide the truth about Belldandy for that long, and offers her help studying, but she sneakily hands Keiichi an extra hard question knowing he won't be able to solve it. While he tries to crack the problem, Megumi tries to do the same to Belldandy, but the Goddess easily breezes through the material. After working all night, Keiichi claims to have found the answer, only for her to tell him he is wrong. The next day, Megumi passes her entrance exam with an excellent score. Keiichi discovers, much to his horror, that she was applying to the Nekomi Institute of Technology where he attends.

With classes only two weeks away, Keiichi learns that his sister still hasn't found a place to live. Megumi claims she only started looking the previous day, much to his dismay. Upon discovering what she is looking for, Keiichi laughs at her unrealistically high expectations and decides to give her a more realistic figure, showing her an apartment rental list detailing apartments of considerably lower quality for more than twice her desired budget. Megumi laughs it off, remaining hopeful that they can find something that fits her needs. Later that night Megumi compares Belldandy's personality to that of a Goddess, but Keiichi drags Belldandy from the room to stop her from saying too much, only making his sister suspicious. The next day the trio goes apartment hunting, but is unable to find anything promising. Keiichi asks Belldandy if she can help, so she chants a prayer to guide them to a suitable apartment, but the landlord claims that he's been unable to keep a tenant living there for very long. While Megumi goes to inspect the garden, Belldandy calls out the Third Class Earth Spirit haunting the apartment and tells him to stop, but he instead tries to possess Keiichi. Belldandy reveals her identity as a First Class Goddess and earns the obedience of the spirit. She embraces Keiichi out of relief, saying it would have taken days to exorcise him had he been taken over.

When asked why a creature responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the planet would so such things, the Earth Spirit claims that humans built the apartment house above his resting place and drove a stake through the Earth Power Line, his source of energy, thus rendering him bereft of the majority of his powers. Keiichi asks what is going on, and Belldandy explains that spirits use the Earth Power Line to travel, and if it is damaged, the ground and spirit in the vicinity will whither and die. She then offers to fix it if the Earth Spirit will agree to return to his duties of tending the land, to which he agrees. Afterwards, the Earth Spirit agrees to protect Megumi in return for the help, before turning into his desired form of a rat. Megumi walks into the room and asks if anyone else saw a strange glowing light, although Keiichi refutes the statement. Belldandy than presents her with the Earth Spirit in rat form, calling him her guardian spirit. She shrieks in terror as the spirit flees into the rafters.

Their first day back at Nekomi Tech, Keiichi and Belldandy attend the "Freshman Welcome Event" where clubs try to recruit new members. She asks him what group he is a part of, although Keiichi is reluctant to say, knowing the Auto Club has a bad reputation. Otaki and Tamiya reveal that they wanted to attract new members by holding a race, but lack the funding. They take his monthly living expenses by force as a "donation", but tell him where to find an easy part-time job as compensation. Keiichi walks into an art classroom to take the job, only to run into Sayoko Mishima. The "Campus Queen" reveals that the job requires Keiichi to model nude for the art students, and although he refuses at first, Sayoko reminds him that he needs money, her knowledge of his predicament arousing suspicions. He tries to get out of it, but the girls begin to forcibly remove his clothing. Although Keiichi seems to enjoy the attention, Belldandy becomes jealous and uses her magic to create a field of static around his body, prompting him to change in the other room. He is glad to see Belldandy is no different than ordinary girls in some way, his observation making her blush. While in private, she uses a spell that projects an image of a naked male form around his body. Although Keiichi is unconvinced this is any better, she claims to have used the muscular figure of a nearby statue as the basis for her illusion. Sayoko then asks Belldandy to take her turn modeling, hoping she will humiliate herself by getting embarrassed, threatening not the pay them otherwise. Keiichi tells Belldandy not to worry about it, but the Goddess agrees to do it. He tries to watch only to discover that he cannot turn or change position. Sayoko and the others find the couple's modeling to be completely awe-inspiring, but Keiichi worries that the sketches will be put on display. The next day it is revealed that the pictures had been changed into something unrelated by the System Force.

Because she likes Belldandy's cooking, Megumi has been showing up for dinner on a nightly basis, putting a damper on her brother's mood. He wonders if her presence will prevent anything from happening between him and Belldandy, thinking back with a glum expression as he remembers his last attempt to create sparks between them. Once Belldandy is gone, Megumi slyly begins questioning her brother about his relationship with Belldandy, much to his embarrassment. Before going home, she heavily hints that tomorrow would be an excellent time for a walk by the sea with his girlfriend. When the couple arrives at the beach the next day, Belldandy expresses excitement at being able to smell the ocean, making Keiichi wonder if he should've brought her sooner. Belldandy then decides to buy them ice cream using the money she received from the modeling job they did together, asking him to take her roller-skating in return. He agrees under the assumpetion that it will be easy since he knows how to ski, but he ends up falling and making a fool of himself. On a ferry ride that afternoon a flock of seagulls ruin the romantic moment, and Keiichi becomes seasick and is forced to get off the boat. Belldandy nurses him back to health by cradling his head in her lap and singing him to sleep, but due to their predicament, he loses their reservation at a nearby restaurant. Belldandy takes out the lunch she had packed for them earlier instead, admitting to having made it in a hurry, but Keiichi tells her it is still good, quietly enjoying their nighttime meal at the port. He chokes on a piece of food and slips off the dock, however Belldandy manages to stop his fall using her magic. The couple embraces with a kiss, causing a series of flowers to start appearing around them. This phenomena puzzles Keiichi.

During a meeting on campus, Tamiya announces to the Auto Club that they will be competing in a race against the Ushikubo Unniversity Motorcycle Club. He then presents them with a Honda Supercub as the motorcycle they will be using in the race, pleasantly surprising Keiichi and the others. He then announces that Belldandy will be their Team Girl, but in reality, they intend to hand her over the opposing team if the other school wins. Keiichi becomes angered bu this, but they are interrupted by a man riding a motorcycle. Tamiya introduces their guest as Etsushi Ohtaki, the president of the Ushikubo Motorcycle Club who is known for always getting what he wants. Etsushi eyes Belldandy and correctly guesses that she is the prize he was promised. Keiichi is horrified by the thought, only to learn that Tamiya and Etsushi made the bet during a drunken argument over motorcycle parts. Keiichi calls Tamiya and idiot, but Etsushi laughs and dismisses them as a bunch of losers. Belldandy becomes angry at him for trying to discourage them and accepts the bet, vowing that they will win. She then orders him to leave. After he departs, Keiichi asks Belldandy if it was wise to accept the stakes, but she remains unconcerned, stating that men like Etsushi who look down on others will never have good fortune, forcefully proclaiming that she will not allow someone like him to win no matter what the case. Keiichi is surprised by her shift in behavior, but promises to win under the premise that he would rather die than let Etsushi near her. Belldandy embraces him lovingly only to pass out in his arms, having used up too much power earlier.

On the day of the race Keiichi is assigned to the "Ultimate Class", a race where the Honda Supercub he rides may be customized in any way, with only a few exceptions. Hikozaemon Otaki leads Keiichi to his motorcycle, but he becomes horrified that they only used the front rim and brakes. Otaki claims that the Supercub frame couldn't hold the engine otherwise and shrugs off the problem, assuring him that he only needs the brakes after the race is over. Knowing that their team is behind and this race will decide the winner, Keiichi heads to the starting line, not knowing that he has "unlucky star" overhead. On the racetrack, Keiichi feels his clutch slip, but notes that he can still win. While Etsushi brags about his bike, Belldandy focuses a prayer to bring forth the lucky star of the man she loves, proclaiming her affection for Keiichi. They win the competition, but due to the bumbling of Otaki and Tamiya, the bike falls apart. Although he crashes the motorcycle, Keiichi comes out of it unscathed, rejoicing that he won the race and survived the impact. Belldandy runs over and embraces him, much to Keiichi's joy.

At the beginning of summer vacation, the Auto Club heads to Katagai Beach for a four-day training session. Although Keiichi is looking forward to spending some quality time alone with Belldandy, the group is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Sayoko Mishima and her group. He protests to their presence, but Sayoko tells him not to be so mean and wraps her arms around Keiichi's neck, making him blush. Belldandy becomes concerned that the System Force will activate and prepares to raise a force field, but her concern only grows when nothing happens. As the NIT students enter the guest house where they will be staying, Sayoko expresses her dissatisfaction with the lackluster accommodations, while Keiichi is unsurprised. He and Belldandy then excuse themselves in order to make some phone calls, and she contacts Heaven for some answers. Keiichi sadly asks if she has to go back now that the System Force is gone, but Belldandy explains that it is only a supporting factor and will not return unless he no longer needs her. Sayoko suddenly appears and grabs Keiichi, dragging him off to have fun. They head down to the beach in their swimsuits, but he hopes that Belldandy catches up soon. The Goddess joins them wearing only a cloth, causing several men to trample Keiichi in order to reach her. He calls out to her, eliciting a surprised reaction as she realizes she was standing on top of him the entire time. Sayoko criticizes the fact that she stepped on him without realizing it, calling her unfit to be his girlfriend, and causing Belldandy to run off in shame.

That night, Keiichi is shown in his room lamenting the fact that Belldandy was crying, noting that she didn't even show up for dinner. He decides to find her and clear up the misunderstanding, but Otaki hands him the guidebook for their trip, which states clearly that male students cannot visit the girls after a certain time. Keichi tries to convince him to look the other way, but the guys force him to go on a 100 kilometer all-night buggy tour with them. Keiichi plans to talk to Belldandy again, only to discover that they have planned another trip. He begins to dread she will return home without him if he can't clear things up, but his attempts to speak to her at dinner fail due to the antics of his Auto Club friends, who then drag him upstairs to spend all night drinking. The next morning Sayoko schemes to invite Keiichi on a walk when he gets back, but she notices Belldandy wandering the halls alone and steals a blank sheet of paper from her. That night while walking with Keiichi, she hands it to him, but Keiichi can see Belldandy's writing on it, and heads off to the place mentioned on the note. When he arrives, Belldandy tackles him in a loving embrace, causing them both to fall into the water. She expresses joy that he still wants her to remain with him, and they agree to be together forever. They then go swimming together to make up for lost time, but upon returning to the guest house, Keiichi is laid out due to some of his wounds worsening after their exposure to the sea water. Sayoko tells him it was a bad idea to go swimming with injuries, while Belldandy swiftly apologizes for it.


Urd emerges from the television

While Belldandy is out shopping, Keiichi receives an odd package containing a video labeled "Sexy Sister". He assumes it is some type of porn video sent to him by Otaki and Tamiya as a joke, but decides to take a peak at the content anyway. As soon as he puts the tape in the VCR, a voluptuous, bronze-skinned woman with angular facial markings emerges from the television, shocking him as she lands on his face. The mysterious visitor then senses Belldandy and conceals herself from view. Keiichi is still shaken up from the incident after waking up, confusedly muttering something about a person coming out of the video. Belldandy decides to peek into his mind for answers, recognizing her older sister Urd as the culprit. Urd phases through the temple floor, and introduces herself, saying she came to Earth to repair the System Force. She admits her frustration at the obvious lack of progress in Belldandy's relationship with Keiichi, while showing some images of their past interactions, but Belldandy becomes upset with her for spying on them and recording everything, her rare display of anger startling both Urd and Keiichi. The older Goddess claims she was only monitoring them, but her sister mentions that as a Second Class Deity with a limited license, she doesn't have the authority to monitor subjects on Earth. Belldandy demands she hand over the recording immediately and blasts her sister with magic, but Urd raise a a barrier, reflecting the blast at Keiichi by accident.

Later that night, Belldandy walks into the bathroom while Urd is trying to place Keiichi under mind control, explaining that her sister has a tendency to be passionate about everything, resulting an ends justifies the means view. She expresses surprise that Keiichi was able to resist her sister's charms, but he admits to having almost failed in that regard, saying that the image of Belldandy's angry face was what helped him through it. Belldandy asks whether she was really that scary, and leans in to kiss him, but Urd pokes her head in and interrupts, cursing her own bad timing. That night, Urd slips into Keiichi's room and asks him for sex, saying that it is the only way to stop Belldandy from being forced to return to Heaven. Keiichi remains skeptical, but Urd claims that by doing so, she can use her own body to pass his genetic information to Heaven, thus solving the problem with the System Force. Although Keiichi is shocked, he remembers Belldandy saying something about Goddesses being unable to lie, and gives it some serious consideration. While Urd gloats to herself about having placed an even stronger spell inside Keiichi during their last encounter, Belldandy storms into the room and stops them. Keiichi claims Urd was only trying to fix things, but Belldandy reveals that Urd is a known liar who was sentenced to remain a lower class Goddess as punishment. Urd claims she doesn't care about such things, and says it would've been worth it if she could have furthered their relationship, but her sister attacks her for lying to Keiichi. The older Goddess welcomes the challenge, knowing her own powers are superior, but before they can fight, a bolt of lightning descends from the sky and renders Urd unconscious. Keiichi notes how it seemed a little harsh, but Belldandy claims that the blast was not hers, instead pointing to the strange inscription that had appeared on the floor. After reading it, they learn that Urd was responsible for the recent system crash that disabled the System Force, and has been exiled to Earth as a punishment for her actions. Urd wakes up and claims she will be staying with them for a while, much to Keiichi's dismay.

On the day of the Nekomi Tech School Festival, the Auto Club is hosting a beauty pageant to determine the Campus Queen with Otaki as host. The frontrunners of the contest appear to be Sayoko, Belldandy, and Urd. Having finished with the swimwear contest, Otaki announces that the next phase will involve the girls fixing several broken motorcycles, which they must use to go to the service stands at the festival and retrieve pieces of a picture hidden inside their products, putting together the puzzle and bringing the person in the picture to the stage once they finish. When the other girls get a head start, Keiichi notices Belldandy has yet to finish repairing her bike and questions her, but she claims that the part in her hand wants her to work on it slowly, speaking as if the bike has a mind of its own. After she finishes the repairs, Keiichi wishes her good luck. Meanwhile the other girls finish assembling their pictures and realize that Keiichi is the person they need to find, racing off after him. Keiichi panics, but becomes surprisingly happy as the girls start fighting over him. The motorcycle Belldandy fixed remembers her kind touch and senses her desperation to help Keiichi, moving extra fast and allowing her to rescue him and return to the stage first. Belldandy is then declared Campus Queen, with Urd and Sayoko coming in second and third place respectively.

While watching a show on television one day, Keiichi remembers that his meeting with Belldandy was rather odd. He realizes that they have been together for a year and begins to wonder how he can pay her back for all of her kindness. After failing to get any decent advice from Urd or Megumi, he decides to ask Belldandy directly, but she misinterprets the question and asks him to pick up some soy sauce at the store. While passing a jewelry store, he hears a ring calling out for him to buy it, but he quickly figures out the source of the voice when it tells him to buy it for Urd. The bronze-skinned Goddess jumps down from the nearby tree, telling him that the ring would be a perfect gift for her sister. As she leaves, Keiichi wonders if Urd only followed him to give him that information. He begins fantasizing about how perfect the ring would be for Belldandy, but his dreams are shattered when he realizes that the price is high enough to cover his living expenses for five months flat. At dinner Belldandy notices his unusually glum behavior, but he leaves for the college campus and is referred to a job by his Auto Club director.

Keiichi finds himself doing odd jobs all day and passes out from exhaustion that night, garnering concern from Belldandy. Urd admits to having given him a small push, and compliments his resolve, telling her to let him see it through to the end to which Belldandy reluctantly agrees. For the remainder of the week, Keiichi continues doing all sorts of jobs, from construction to cosplaying for children. While struggling to reach the zipper on his turtle costume, Belldandy appears and helps him, kindly offering some tea afterwards. Keiichi questions whether or not she plans on asking him about his part-time jobs, but she knows he will tell her the truth when ready. The next job he takes involves work with computers, but while daydreaming about buying the ring, he spills liquid on the machine, losing his pay for the day. That night he heads to the jewelry store, but the price with tax is more than he can afford, forcing him to buy a less expensive ring. He then presents Belldandy with it as thanks for giving him such a great year. She happily accepts it, but claims to be angry that he pushed himself so hard just to buy her something expensive, and "punishes" him with a loving embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

While enjoying another day at the temple together, their tranquility is shattered when they discover Urd has redecorated Keiichi's room to look like a sleezy love hotel. Hoping for a romantic Christmas away from Urd's interference, the couple enter a raffle to win a romantic dinner and a free night together at an expensive Hotel Koenig. While Belldandy's prayers allow them to win, they fail to hide it from Urd. Having nothing to wear, Keiichi asks his Auto Club friends if he can borrow a suit, but the group spreads the news all around campus. Sayoko hears about his plans and offers to let him borrow her father's suit if he takes her to dinner instead, but Keiichi rides away on his motorcycle to escape her. The next night while they are enjoying dinner in the hotel's dining hall Sayoko attempts to stir up trouble. Urd responds by bringing a turkey dinner to life and forcing it to attack her, shocking everyone present. Angered by her sister's interference, Belldandy animates her own meal, and the two dinners fight, much to the horror of the humans present. As the living food begins turning into giant monsters, Keiichi and Belldandy run off and decide to eat at home instead. Urd cleans up the mess and meets them at home, leaving behind a traumatized Sayoko.

On New Year's Eve, Keiichi makes a resolution to get closer to Belldandy this year, writing down this goal on a piece of paper using an ink brush. While eating another of Belldandy's dinners, he compliments the impeccable quality of the food she prepared while Urd secretly steals his resolution paper, but they are interrupted by the arrival of several guests, including Megumi, Sayoko, Tamiya, Otaki, and Satoko. After some brief conversation, Urd prompts them into playing a game of "Life Suguroku Special", claiming that the predictions listed in the spaces on the game board will happen in real life. As they play through the game, the fortunes come true, albeit not always in the way most people would expect. After becoming a victim of a bad prediction, Keiichi finds himself standing outside without a jacket sweeping the snow in the yard, a punishment that he earns twice after getting the same result his next turn. Belldandy figures out Urd is using a Laplacian Demon to cheat, and wins the creature over to her side, allowing her to win the game. She then goes outside and warms him up with a hug and kiss, giving him a head start on his New Year's Resolution.

With another semester winding down, Keiichi prepares to take his last exam for Professor Ozawa's class. Knowing that the teacher has particularly high expectations, he resolves to study that night. Unfortunately, the Auto Club turns up later that night with booze, having decided to celebrate at the temple with him. After being forced into a dress and wig by the drunken crowd, he runs to Belldandy for help. She creates a copy of him to distract the others, but they are interrupted by Urd and the Auto Club, who are all too drunk to realize that there shouldn't be two of him. While Otaki and Tamiya take the copy and force it to crossdress, Urd grabs the real Keiichi and subjects him to her own antics. The next morning Keiichi wakes up and head to campus to find out that Urd had incidentally sent the copy their by accident, and it was now taking his test for him. Knowing that the duplicate is too simple-minded to succeed, Belldandy makes him dress in the girl's school uniform the clone was forced to wear and uses her magic to help him dispel and replace it without anyone knowing. Keiichi manages to pass the exam, but due to the mess, he also earns a reputation as a crossdresser.

New Rivals ArcEdit


Keiichi arrives at the Hotel

At the beginning of the New Semester, Belldandy and Urd help out the Auto Club by dressing up to attract new members, unfortunately catching the eye of a Freshman playboy named Toshiyuki Aoshima. Enamored by her beauty, he joins in order to get closer to her. Although Keiichi is annoyed by this, Aoshima wins him over through flattery and kindness. During the beginning-of-semester club meeting, Keiichi watches Tamiya subject several new recruits to bone-crushing bear hugs, prompting half to quit. As he laments their lack of new members, Aoshima pulls up in a car, allowing the couple to take his new Ferrari for a ride under the guise of generosity. Although Keiichi enjoys testing out the vehicle, Belldandy senses a strange darkness around their supposed friend and wonders what it is. Aoshima has two men damage Keiichi's motorcycle while they are away, offering Belldandy a ride home in return. She refuses, but Keiichi doesn't know how long it will take to fix his bike and insists she go. Aoshima then takes her for a romantic ride to set the mood and tries to get her to sleep with him at the local love hotel, but Belldandy becomes angry and sends him flying through the ceiling, collapsing to the ground from loss of power moments later. Keiichi arrives moments later riding on Tamiya's bike, having been tipped off about Aoshima's lecherous ways by Sayoko. He then takes her home, admiring her beauty as she sleeps.

The next day, Keiichi shows up on campus alongside Belldandy and Urd, both of whom receive a warm welcome from the male students, while they express disappointment at his presence. At the end of the day while preparing to leave, Belldandy senses a bad omen, not realizing that they are being watched by Aoshima and Sayoko. While Urd manages to foil their plot, she warns Keiichi that they are up to something, much to his dismay. After a botched attempt to spy on them at the temple, Sayoko and Aoshima kidnap Keiichi with help from the S&M Club, but by the time Belldandy comes to the rescue, Urd has already saved the day. Keiichi then tells her to catch Sayoko and Aoshima before they have their video tape analyzed, so Belldandy flies after them by enchanting a broomstick. She admits to being a Goddess when asked by Sayoko, but they refuse to believe it and have the tape analyzed anyway. Urd then reveals she edited the footage to make their magic look like cheap special effects, which solves their problems for the time being.

With the most important race of the year coming up, Keiichi and the other Auto Club members prepare to face-off in an endurance race against the best colleges on the circuit. On the day of the race, Urd and Megumi appear to cheer for Keiichi, the former threatening him not to lose the race. Tamiya issues the same threat, claiming that the club's entire budget for the year is at stake. Keiichi comforts Belldandy before the woman's race due to her inexperience, claiming the other contestants are amateurs too, only to be interrupted by an American named Diana Lockheed and her boyfriend David Proter. The newcomers introduce themselves as the United States Kart Champion and Third Place Winner of the Daytona 500, but Belldandy still manages to win second place in the qualifier by analyzing and copying Diana's techniques. During Keiichi's race, he finds himself victim of another of Aoshima's plots when a racer paid off by the playboy begins going out of the way to deter him, but Urd brings his kart to life, allowing him to easily qualify for the finals.

For the final round Keiichi is scheduled to participate in a rally-style race while driving the Auto Club's Mazda T2000 off-road vehicle. Belldandy is supposed to be riding with him as navigator, but she is late due to a plot set up by Aoshima to get them disqualified. Although Keiichi panics during the race, Belldandy's kind words and apparent clairvoyance allow them to complete the majority of the course without trouble, their performance on the trail even impressing the American racer, Diana Lockheed. Despite Belldandy losing consciousness due to the overuse of her power, Urd appears on the track and instructs him to place one hand on her breast and extend the other towards the sky, allowing them to channel the natural energy into Belldandy's body to revitalize her. Upon reaching the final portion of the rally taking place on the sandy beach, they ride on the cement underneath the sand to increase their speed, easily outpacing Diana's Team and winning first place. While celebrating with the Auto Club, Keiichi learns that the prize money has been withheld to pay for the amount of food the club consumed during the festivities, much to his dismay.

As the NIT festival draws closer, the Auto Club prepares for the beginning of yet another semester, hoping to gain more members this time. Around this time Keiichi reads an article about the Japanese Shinden prototype fighter, a plane designed for war, but never used on the battlefield. It then comes to his attention that Toshiyuki Aoshima has started a rival organization known as the "NIT Four Wheels Club" in order to put the Auto Club out of business, causing panic to ensue among Keiichi's friends. They try to come up with a counter plan, but Aoshima bulldozes their clubhouse, rendering them desperate for some help. With some help from Belldandy 's magic, the Auto Club discovers a Shinden prototype buried underneath the ruins of the clubhouse, which they repair to use in a club exhibition on the day of the college festival. Tamiya and Otaki choose Keiichi to fly the plane, much to his surprise and dismay, but he agrees after some encouragement from Belldandy. After studying the practice of operating an aircraft, Keiichi nervously enters the cockpit and takes his first flight, much to the awe of the crowd below.