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Bull Demon (1st Class, Unlimited License)






Urara Takano

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Alissa Brodsky (Anime)


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Marller (マーラー Mārā) also known as Mara, is the first Demon to appear in the series, and an antagonist to Keiichi and the Goddesses. She was a childhood friend of Urd, but the two were separated when Urd chose to be a goddess . Her duty is to increase the market share of the demons on Earth by getting humans to accept contracts with demon s, although she is rather incompetent in her attempts to defeat the Goddesses.


Marller is a fair-skinned demon with a slim figure, slightly protruding incisors, and long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. Two thick stands of hair branch out from sides, framing her face, and she her teeth resemble vampire fangs depending on how she opens her mouth. Like most humanoid demons in the series, she has red markings on her face, hers taking the form of a pair of triangles on both cheeks and a V-shape with a split in the center of her forehead. When she first appears in the series, Marller is seen wearing a black shirt with a golden trim, long sleeves, and sleeves ending in thick cuffs. She also wore a long cape in the same color scheme as her shirt with a red lining, the top part draped over her shoulders and covering her upper torso. The outfit was complete with black tights and a pair of brown boots and gloves.

Her second outfit consists of a form-fitting red top with gold designs and a trim, the center dipping inwards and ending short of her throat to reveal her cleavage and neckline. Marller also wears puffy purplish red pants that show her ankle length boots, which match the color and design of her top. The sleeves of her shirt end at her elbows, and she wears a pair of black gloves that cover the lower half of her arms. The look is completed with a more revealing version of her original cape without the same covering over her torso, and is instead fastened loosely above her breasts by a thin golden chain.


Although she initially appears devious, underhanded, and deceitful, Marller is a proud First Class Demon, and a top employee of the Office of Demonic Affairs. Despite being a demon by nature, Marller does not seem to genuinely enjoy the suffering of others. Being a very career-minded individual, her main goal is to increase the share of wishes on Earth by removing the Goddesses and convincing those who are blessed by deities to make contracts with demons instead. When first introduced in the series, Marller harbored a grudge against Belldandy and Urd for trapping her in a seal, but her subsequent attempts to cause them trouble appear to be work-related rather than motivated by any personal vendetta. Perhaps because of her pride as a demon, Marller is easily insulted by others, and has even been pushed to the verge of tears by many of Urd's less-than-friendly remarks. She appears to have low self esteem, but is easily flatterred on the rare occasions when she receivers praise from others, the boosts in confidence even inspiring her to do foolish things or act without thinking. The ruler of Demons Hild appears to find this highly amusing. She can also be a total doofus...

In spite of Marller's many character quirks, her actions often puts her at odds with Keiichi Morisato and the three Norns, as she regularly tries to drive the Goddesses back to Heaven through trickery. To achieve this goal, she has even been known to forge demonic contracts with ill-tempered humans like Sayoko Mishima in order to stir up trouble and increase business for her fellow demons. Even while struggling against the Goddesses and causing trouble for Keiichi, Marller has been shown to enjoy their company when not on duty, even joining them for dinner and drinking with Urd. While often portrayed as cynical, unpleasant, and mean-spirited, she is not evil in the traditional sense of the word. Her bitter personality appears to be a result of Urd abandoning her to become a Goddess, the oldest Norn having been her best and possibly only friend as a child.


  • Marller was similar to Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective from (Marller/Ratigan) to (Senbee/Fidget)