Megumi Morisato

Japanese Name:

森里 恵

English Name:

Megumi Morisato




College Student


Morisato Family, Nekomi Institute of Technology


Japan, Nekomi



Yuriko Fuchizaki

English VA:

Emily Blau


Keiichi Morisato (Brother), Keima Morisato (Father), Takano Morisato (Mother)

Megumi Morisato (森里 恵 Morisato Megumi) is Keiichi Morisato's younger sister. She attends the Nekomi Institute of Technology as an engineering student, and is a skilled mechanic. She eventually becomes known as the "queen" of bike racers around Nekomi.


Megumi is a woman of average size, roughly the same height as her brother, having a slightly tan complexion and a slim build. She has large brown eyes and neck-length brown hair that parts in the center of her hairline, forming curtains that frame he gentle face, with two tiny strands hanging above her eyes. Megumi typically wears a light blue jacket with an open collar and pockets on each side of the torso area, leaving the front open and her black shirt visible underneath. She also wears matching cargo pants in the same color as her jacket, and a pair of dark sneakers.


Unlike Keiichi, Megumi possesses a more assertive and playful persona, often speaking her thoughts in an upfront manner, while taking jibes at her older brother. Despite his reluctance to deal with her in these types of situations, her teasing is simply a good-natured way of making witty observations about his life while keeping herself amused, and she always means well. Megumi is very open and friendly in spite of her bluntness, easily making friends with Belldandy and her sisters shortly after meeting each of them. Like her brother, she will do almost anything to help her friends and family, as seen when she once spent an afternoon helping Urd find a job.

Even though she joined the Softball Club instead of the Auto Club, Megumi shares her brother's love of motorcycles and cars, as well as his expertise as a mechanic. She has a certain affection for her motorbike, and seems to ride it everywhere she goes, and eventually earns the title "Racing Queen" for her impressive driving skills.

Although she is popular with the boys, Megumi has a hard time keeping a steady relationship due to many of her dates feeling overshadowed by her reputation as a star racer. She is clearly bothered by this trend, once showing up drunk at Keiichi's place after her latest rejection.


Much like her brother, Megumi was born and raised in Kushiro in the Northwestern section of Hokkaidō. She and Keiichi were born only a year apart. Her father Keima is a professional glassblower with an interest in motorcycles, and her mother an avid Mahjong Player. After being accepted in the Nekomi Institute of Technology, she joined her brother in Nekomi.


Family Problems ArcEdit

Upon discovering that they have run out of finances and food, Belldandy prays to the Almighty One in the hopes of obtaining sustenance, her request being answered by the coming of an unexpected visitor. They are then approached by Keiichi's younger sister, Megumi Morisato, who sees Belldandy and teases her brother about living with an attractive foreign woman. He tells her to keep it a secret, mentioning that his family comes from a small town where rumors would spread like wildfire. Megumi hands them a letter, explaining that she couldn't send it because her brother got kicked out of the men's boarding house, and she wasn't able to find his new address until she asked the remaining residents. They read the note and discover that she plans on staying with them while taking an entrance exam at a nearby college. Megumi then gives them some money in exchange for the hospitality, indirectly answering Bellandy's prayers.

While Keiichi is happy with this, Belldandy notices that more is written on the back. He reads the rest only to find out that Megumi plans to stay longer if she can't pass her test, so he vows to help her prepare. Belldandy assumes it is simply his good nature as an older brother, but Keiichi is really nervous that his sister will discover the truth about the Goddess if she stays too long. The couple asks Megumi if they can help her review some of the material. She gives Keiichi a bonus question to work on, knowing it will be incredibly difficult to solve. While he tries to crack the answer, Belldandy spends the night tutoring her. The next morning Megumi asks Belldandy what her future plans are, but Belldandy simply claims she is on Earth for Keiichi's sake and will remain so long as he is there, an answer that surprises her. Keiichi emerges from his room and announces he is finished with the problem, but Megumi tells him the answer is wrong. That day she becomes nervous during the test, but the help she received the previous night allows her to get through it easily. After passing the entrance exam with flying colors, Megumi reveals she was trying to get in the Nekomi Institute of Technology with them, flustering her brother.

With classes only two weeks away, Keiichi discovers that his sister still hasn't found a place to live. Megumi claims she only started looking the previous day, much to his dismay, but Belldandy changes the subject by questioning what kind of place she is looking for. Megumi reaches in her bag and hands them a flyer she made listing her expectations and budget, mentioning she wants a large, newly refurbished apartment with one bedroom, modern appliances, a yard or garden, all while being less than a ten minute walk from the NIT Campus for under $350. Keiichi laughs at her unrealistically high expectations and decides to give her a more realistic figure, showing her an apartment rental list detailing apartments of considerably low quality for more than twice her desired budget. Megumi laughs it off, remaining hopeful that they can find something that fits her needs. Later that night Megumi invites Belldandy into the guest room to talk. She guesses that Belldandy was going to ask Keiichi if she could stay, but assures her it is not necessary. Megumi questions whether or not Belldandy ever gets tired of taking care of people, but the older woman says it is her reason for living. She compares her personality to that of a Goddess, but Keiichi interrupts them just as Belldandy is about to admit the truth, his sister becoming suspicious as they leave.

The next day the trio goes apartment hunting. but is unable to find anything promising. Belldandy chants a prayer to guide them where they need to be, leading them to an apartment that has everything they wanted for under $200 dollars a month. The landlord claims that he's been unable to keep a tenant living there for very long, warning them to survey the apartment carefully before choosing to stay. As they go inside, Belldandy senses a suspicious presence, but Megumi claims she'll take it, and goes to inspect the garden.

Once Megumi heads outside, Belldandy confront the Third Class Earth Spirit haunting the apartment, asking him as to why a creature responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the planet would so such terrible things. He claimns that the humans built the apartment house above his resting place and drove a stake through the Earth Power Line, his source of energy, thus rendering him bereft of the majority of his powers. Belldandy then fixes it so that the Earth Spirit can return to his duties of tending the land, afterwards requesting that he protect Megumi. He gives his word to do so before turning into his desired form of a rat. Megumi walks into the room and asks if anyone else saw a strange glowing light, and although Keiichi refutes this, his sister remains suspicious of them. Belldandy than presents her with the Earth Spirit in rat form, calling him her guardian spirit. Megumi shrieks in terror as the spirit flees into the rafters to hide.

Because she likes Belldandy's cooking, Megumi begins showing up for dinner on a nightly basis, putting a damper on her brother's mood. Despite paying for the food and flattering the Goddess with her compliments, Keiichi wonders if Megumi's presence will prevent anything from happening between him and Belldandy, thinking back with a glum expression as he remembers his last attempt to create sparks between them. He mutters something about wanting a kiss, but Megumi butts in wondering what he was talking about, forcing him to make up an excuse to change the subject. Keiichi looks down at the table to see that most of the food is gone, but Belldandy agrees to prepare more and leaves the room. Once she is gone, Megumi slyly asks her brother if he's managed to kiss her yet, prompting him to say yes. She prods him further by asking where it happened, but Keiichi panics and claims it is none of her business. She deduces he is lying and prepares to go home for the night, heavily hinting that tomorrow would be an excellent time for a walk by the sea with his housemate. Belldandy is surprised that she plans to leave so soon, but Megumi thanks the Goddess one more time before telling her that Keiichi wants to go out the next day, recommending she make a lunch for them ahead of time.

One afternoon while watching the television with Belldandy's sister Urd, Megumi is approached by her brother, who needs some advice. Keiichi asks her what kind of gift would make a girl happy, but Megumi only gives him a list of expensive things she wants, her brother becoming exasperated when he realizes what she is doing. Urd dismisses Megumi as being too naive, bolding proclaiming that the only thing any woman really wants is a good affair and a night on the town. Keiichi also shoots down this idea, knowing that Urd was also stating her own desires rather than giving him any useful advice. He concludes they neither of them is normal and decides to ask Belldandy directly, but she misinterprets the question and asks him to pick up some soy sauce at the store. He eventually presents Belldandy with an expensive ring as he thanks for giving him such a great year. She accepts it with gratitude, but claims to be angry that he pushed himself so hard just to buy her something expensive, and "punishes" him with a loving embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

On New Year's Eve, she shows up at the temple alongside Sayoko, Otaki, Tamiya, and Satoko to celebrate the holiday, bringing along some New Year's Rice Balls for them to share. Urd then prompts them into playing a game of "Life Suguroku Special", claiming that the predictions listed in the spaces on the game board will happen in real life. As they play through the game, the fortunes come true, albeit not always in the way most people would expect. While bizarre things keep happening to the others, Megumi finds herself continually landing on the "lose a turn" spaces on the game board, much to her dismay. Despite Urd cheating, Belldandy wins the game and saves Keiichi from his punishment-like predictions.

Family Problems ArcEdit

Megumi is briefly seen during the Auto Club's biggest race of the year, having shown up to cheer for her brother alongside Urd. After Keiichi clears the preliminary rounds, Urd becomes fired up by the day's events, although Megumi discreetly comments that the team as a whole just barely qualified for the final race.