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NIT Professor


Nekomi Institute of Technology


Nekomi, Japan


Chapter 4, Episode 3


Hideyuki Umezu

English VA:

Marc Thompson

Ozawa is a minor character in the series, and a professor at the Nekomi Institute of Technology.


Ozawa is a lean built man middle-aged man with glasses, and his dull black hair appears to be receding. He is usually shown with an irritable expression due to his petty and short-tempered disposition. He has a thin face with lines of age running down the sides of his mouth, and small beady eyes, that when combined with his unpleasant demeanor, give him an untrustworthy appearance. The professor is always seen dressed in formal attire due to his status as an educator, and wears a suit and tie while on campus.


Known throughout Nekomi Tech for his strict attendance policy, Professor Ozawa is portrayed as a very critical and ill-tempered instructor who expects the utmost respect from his students, and dislikes those who do not measure up to his standards. Overall, he is an irritable and petty man, shown to hold grudges against people with little provocation. Ozawa considers Professor Kakuta a personal rival, since they were both trying to create a working ceramic engine, even expressing a child-like jealousy that his colleague has made more progress in this field. Due to his strict personality and generally unpleasant demeanor, some of his students are known to skip his class in favor of sitting in on Professor Kakuta's lectures, something that irritates him to no end. Keiichi Morisato notes that Professor Ozawa blacklisted him for doing this in the past. Tamiya notes that whenever the professor becomes riled up about something, he will relentless pursue it until the end.


At some point in his life, Professor Ozawa became an instructor at the Nekomi Institute of Technology. He developed a rivalry with fellow teacher, Professor Kakuta, since both men were actively trying to create a working ceramic engine.



Ozawa searches NIT Mainframe

While preparing to teach a class one day, Professor Ozawa is seen entering his classroom to find out that all his students have cut class. Suspecting his rival of luring his students away, he then investigates Professor Kakuta's classroom to find his entire class present. He quickly takes note of Belldandy, not recognizing her from the student roster, his paranoia leading him to the conclusion that Kakuta placed her in his class to attract students. He reports her as a fake student in an attempt to secure her expulsion, but the School Dean admires the amount of enthusiasm Belldandy has brought to Kakuta's lecture hall and decides not to check the records, prompting Ozawa to search for answers, himself. Intending to expose her as a fake student to the staff and students, Ozawa prepares to inspect the data himself, but Otaki catches wind of his plan and tells Keiichi and the others, to which Tamiya replies that he never gives up. Keiichi and the Motor Club directors hack the system and upload a program to halt Ozawa's search, but the rogue professor chooses to search the paper records instead. Belldandy feels bad for him and suggests they stop foiling his plans, but Keiichi responds by saying they've gone too far to give up so soon, much to the agreement of his friends. After distracting him with a phone call, Otaki sneaks in and adds more paperwork to the pile to stymie his search again. That night Ozawa falls asleep on the desk while looking through another series or records. Belldandy sneaks into the room and puts a blanket over his shoulders, whispering an apology as she magically conjures some false documents for her enrollment.