Third Class Earth Spirit

Japanese Name:

English Name:

Third Class Earth Spirit




Third Class Earth Spirit




Japan, Nekomi, Megumi's Apartment


Chapter 9


Isshin Chiba

English VA:

Sean Schemmel (Anime)

The Third Class Earth Spirit is a minor deity who protects nature. He lives in Megumi Morisato's apartment and watches over her in the form of a rat.


In his true form, the Third Class Earth Spirit appears to be a man with ghostly pale skin, wild gray hair, and blue markings on his face. His clothing consists of a gray robe with a black trim around the ends, and a matching sash tied around his waist. He also wears a large black cape with white frills around the edges that covers his shoulders and back, baggy white pants, dark shoes, and a bracelet on his right wrist made of what appear to be pearls.

While going about his daily routine, he is known to take the form of a small gray rat.


The spirit is initially portrayed as being unfriendly and vengeful, having done his best to frighten all possible tenants that would move into the apartment within his resting space. He would use his powers to chase away humans out of personal frustration, having grown angry at the mortals for causing a break in his Earth Power Line, this issue causing him to lose the majority of his powers. After Belldandy performs the necessary repairs, the Earth Spirit becomes much more accommodating and agrees to instead protect the inhabitants of the apartment, in this case, Keiichi's sister Megumi.


The Third Class Earth Spirit was initially a protector of nature, existing at peace with the world and its inhabitants. One day a stake was driven through his Earth Power Line, causing most of his powers to disappear. He began terrorizing the tenants that tried to live in the apartment where he secretly resided, in an attempt to drive interlopers away. Due to the amount of people who refused to continue living there, the landlord dropped the monthly rent substantially, which is what drew Megumi Morisato to the apartment.